Is It Your Fault That You Are Single?

You have been without a partner since your divorce or breakup of a steady relationship. And you are not having any luck getting together with someone new. Is it just bad luck, the nature of dating these days or is it your fault that you are single? Your Tango has a few thoughts about dating mistakes and why you are still single.

Here are the headers for nine of their reasons things are not working out for you.

  1. You don’t post attractive photos
  2. You take too long to respond to texts or emails
  3. You don’t show enough interest
  4. You’re not ready to date
  5. You look for your date’s flaws
  6. You believe there’s something wrong with you
  7. You assume it won’t work out
  8. You’re not available
  9. You’re not making it a priority

It Takes a Little Effort to Succeed in Online Dating

Not taking the time to make a good first impression is a sure recipe for remaining single.

If you want to see the man or woman of your dreams again, try to make a great first impression. We may believe that when we meet that special person, he or she will instantly see us for the wonderful person that we are. Or we may believe that no matter how hard we try that that special someone is just too good for us, no matter what we do. Both of these beliefs are wrong! You can do and say things that will make a first great impression but it make take a little effort on your part. Here are a few suggestions.

Making a good first impression is not just about dressing up, smiling a lot and having something interesting to say. It starts with how you craft your resume, your choice of photo and paying attention to the other person, answering their emails in a timely manner and acting like you care. If you don’t do these things it is your fault that you are single.

Too Busy or Not Ready

Perhaps your last relationship broke up because you are a workaholic on two jobs, working on weekends and striving to construct a successful career. If you try to jump back into dating before reordering your life you will fail again and it will be your fault that you are still single.

Confidence in Yourself

Years ago we wrote that confidence wins in dating.

If you are looking to succeed in finding that special someone remember that confidence wins in dating. Confidence wins in dating because men and women alike are drawn to self-assured people. No one is looking for a lot of drama in a partner. Rather someone who knows what he or she wants and goes about getting it quietly, in a businesslike manner, and successfully is attractive to both sexes.

If you think that you are not worthwhile and that you will never be in a relationship that works out your life will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. In fact you may be a setup for getting into an abusive relationship. Cultivate confidence or it will be your fault that you are single.

Make It Happen

If you go out on dates to socialize, have a good time and find a little romance you may not want to settle into a permanent relationship. But when you are ready you should make it a priority. Otherwise it will be your fault that you are still single.

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