Is Dating Your Roommate a Good Idea?

It is not uncommon for young men and women to share their living space. Having an extra person helps to pay the rent. However, is dating your roommate a good idea? Let’s look at two scenarios. In each case you are living with a brother, sister or friend of the opposite sex. You want to share costs or maybe your co-renter has a friend who needs a place to live. Now let us look at two different scenarios. In one case you are smitten at the first sight of him or her. In the other case he or she simply grows on you over time. Now let’s break it down one more step. In one case he or she is seeing someone on a regular basis. In the other case he or she is available. Is dating a roommate a good idea? Can you have sex on the first date with your new roommate and have things go back to normal? Read more of the subject: is dating your roommate a good idea?

Case I: Just Moved In And Dating Someone

Is dating your roommate is good idea? Not in this case. You do not know him or her and he or she is already emotionally attached to someone else. If you really have fallen for this person, be careful give them some space. Be a friend but not intrusive in their life. It may well be that with time the two of you will be friends and then, if your roommate’s relationship breaks up, you will ready to console and even suggest a more romantic relationship for the two of you.

Case II: Just Move In And Not Dating Anyone

This may seem to be a situation made in heaven. But, be careful. Get to know this person first before asking for a date. Despite the fact that he or she is very attractive you may not like the person once you get to know them. Give it a little time. But, do not wait so long that he or she finds someone else!

Case III: Living With You For A While But Dating Someone

Is dating your roommate a good idea in this case? No. In this case you had better find someone else. This person is in a long term committed relationship. Thinking that this person is the one for you is a waste of time.

Case IV: Living With You For A While And Not Dating Anyone

Have the two of you become friends? If that is not the case why is it? It is perfectly OK to think that someone is attractive but not feel close to them or interested in them. If the two of you have become friends this may be a case in which a focus on the relationship first lays the ground for a romantic relationship later. However, you have to bring up the subject. If neither of you has ever suggested a real date or romance, you may both be thinking that the other is not interested. If you like your roommate a lot, ask him or her out for a date and see what happens. Is dating your roommate a good idea? It just might be in this case.

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