Internet Dating and the Recession in Australia

Online dating singles sometimes spend hours online and there are particular words that are repeated on virtually every website you visit. Recession, Australian economic down turn, credit crunch, failing stock market, global credit crunch, shares, market slide, US recession, falling share market, Australian share market crash – wherever you look you cannot escape from the economists, the talk on the streets and the news on every front page of the newspaper. What does it all equate to though?  And how does it affect the online dating industry and singles in Australia? The Australian Recession is part of the worldwide Recession.  That is of course, if we are actually in a recession – at the moment many economists instead label this an economic downturn.  Recession simply means a contracting phase in relation to the business cycle and a depression means the contraction lasts for an extended period of time.  An economic downturn precedes a recession.  Recessions usually affects those with money and investments or with industries servicing the retail industry.  Online dating services a retail market and many of the bigger online dating services like RSVP will no doubt see their profits and memberships fall during this economic downturn. Recessions will see sales slump, companies profits drop, pay rises cut, people lose their jobs, credit items cost more, food, petrol and health care costs rise. Throughout a recession, people do not like to part with their available cash, and are cautious about spending and avoid spending in case they need their money later.  The very poor however, although finding life a little harder,  will weather a recession, in relative terms, better as they spend their weekly pay and can just stop buying items they cant afford as opposed to the wealthy who are tied to these objects by finance or mortgage agreements. So how long could the recession last?  Of course it is hard to tell given so many economic factors come into play.  The answer is to change and to make do for as long as it lasts – and things will get better. They always do. For online dating singles however, there is an easy answer to your problems.  Online dating subscriptions usually have a short get out clause and Australian online dating members are sure to switch to the excellent free online dating services that are present in Australia.  So if you are forking out dollars for online dating – you really don’t need to.  Why buy when you can get the same service free of charge?  What do you think paid dating sites provide that a free one doesn’t? Many members?  Free online dating sites provide thousands of singles wanting to chat. Genuine singles?  Quality Free dating services in Australia restrict access to their servers from overseas fraudsters and investigate the authenticity of their online dating singles. Free online dating sites will assist daters to continue to chat throughout the recession – they exist to provide members quality services without draining their wallets so singles need not risk their dating sites being relegated to the scrap heap. Shame the banks didn’t do the same! 

What are some free online dating sites? Sites that are 100 percent free, does not even cost a penny?

Does anyone know of any good Online Dating sites that are literally 100 percent free, like you can send messages and read messages for free, you don’t have to use a Credit Card, I mean seriously, free, not even a penny. Like what are the Online Dating sites that have a good reputation and have a lost of users on it, and they are totally free, period.

Yeah there are a few, like mingles that are free, with no paid membership. It’s only one type of membership for everybody which is a free membership. So you get all the features, like message, chat, etc… for free. You can read a full review of the site and its features before you join here

Hope it’s what you’re looking for. Good luck, have fun and be safe.

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