Improve Your Relationship With Plastic Surgery

If things are not going well, can you improve your relationship with plastic surgery? Visit a plastic surgeon and his answer may well be, “yes.” Talk to someone who has had complications after breast enhancement or a nose reconstruction and the answer will often be a resounding, “no.” What is the point of having any of the various types of plastic surgery and can you improve your relationship with plastic surgery? Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

  1. You Have An Obvious Physical Impairment Or Defect Maybe you were in an auto accident or were burned. Plastic surgery began after World War One when surgeons strove to repair the injuries of war. If you want to improve your relationship with plastic surgery this might be the most obvious reason. However, how you feel about yourself is important and does not always improve with surgery.
  2. You Are Flat Chested And Want Breasts In a breast conscious society women may feel that they are at a disadvantage in competing for available men if they think that men are only looking for “boobs.” Although men certainly enjoy a woman’s physical attributes there is a lot more to a man choosing a woman to pursue. A pretty face and athletic figure are typically attractive to men. Remember that the smile of a woman who thinks herself pretty is attractive in and of itself. If you like yourself you will look prettier.
  3. Intelligence Matters And So Does Personality Men may be attracted to women with overt physical features but often do not stay with them. In fact, a man who only wants a woman because of her breast size is commonly shallow and not someone with whom a woman wants to spend a lifetime.
  4. So, We Started By Asking if you can improve your relationship with plastic surgery. Remember that not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery. A long term and strong relationship might be reinvigorated if the woman, or man, has plastic surgery and is no longer self-conscious about their body. If there is a problem in the relationship the couple needs to look at the options. Just be sure that you are not having surgery to improve your relationship when all you are doing is trying to please your partner. It has to work out for you as well!

If you want to improve your relationship think in broad terms about what you need to do. Avoid trying a “quick fix” as it may not work out. If you decide that you can improve your relationship with plastic surgery get opinions from at least two plastic surgeons. And, remember that plastic surgery is surgery none the less. There is always a risk of undergoing anesthesia and a risk of other complications of surgery.

And, there is one more thing. Let’s say that your plastic surgery is successful and you feel great about yourself. What will happen to your relationship now? As an example, men and women who are alcoholics and quit drinking often end up in divorce and looking for a totally different life. If you like your relationship, except for your looks, maybe you do not want to make any changes.

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