If Your Dates Always Go Badly

The ideal date is with someone who is interesting, fun to be with, sexy, and perhaps, wealthy. Unfortunately, and all too often, the person you are dating meets none of these criteria and things work out badly. If this happens from time to time it may simply be that the person who introduced the two of you didn’t get it. It may be that the person that you met online lied in his or her resume. It may be that this person was dull, sexless, and poor before the two of you met and will remain the same for his or her whole life. But, what if your dates always go badly? Maybe it is time to look at how you approach the process of dating if your dates always go badly. Is it a matter of high expectations? Is it moving too fast? Is it from moving too slow if your dates always go badly? Don’t expect that every date is a hot first date but sooner or later you should find someone, have a great time, and move on to a serious, enjoyable and fulfilling relationship. Here are a few thoughts about what to do if your dates always go badly.

Coming on Too Strong

We know that you have been without a sexual partner for a long, long time. But, coming on too strong all too commonly drives men and women away. Or, if you succeed in getting the man’s or woman’s interest you may not like how things turn out. A young woman dating a mature man may think that showing up in a skimpy T-shirt and no bra is attractive but not all that much of a sexual statement. But the man from a different generation may believe that he has just been given the keys to her bedroom. When she acts as though she wants sex and right now he may become aggressive, thinking that his advances will be welcome. This works both ways with both sexes and may be the problem if your dates always go badly.

Show a Little Spark

People look for a serious, knowledgeable, and dispassionate accountant to do their taxes. They rarely look for this sort of person in the dating world. If your dates always go badly it is possible that you need to add a little spark to your personality. This probably goes beyond the dating world and you need to put more fun in your life. If all you have to talk about is work, get your date to do the talking and learn about him or her.

Are You Dating People of the Wrong Gender?

If your dates always go badly, maybe you ought to be dating someone of a different gender. The gay population in the United States is about 4 million. Many men and women only come to realize later in life that their attraction to someone of their own gender is simply how things are and not something that they necessarily need to hide. If your dates always go badly and you end up feeling better talking to your same sex friend and have warm and romantic feelings, maybe the best choice is to consider your sexual orientation.

No matter what the cause, if your dates always go badly, you need to think that the problem may be in what you do or how you approach the business of dating. There is not always success on the first date but eventually things should work out. Get some advice and find a way to change things. We all deserve love and affection in life and someone to help keep the bed warm on a cold evening.

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