If You Want To Get Married Don’t Forget To Ask

Sometimes relationships come to a point where they need to move on or they need to go away. The point of going out with someone is usually to find a friend, companion, and lover for the rest of your life. But, sometimes relationships get stuck in a rut. One or the other of the couple is comfortable with the status quo. But oftentimes the other is not. Our advice in this case is for the person who is not happy with the status quo. Before getting too deep into introspection and analysis, if you want to get married don’t forget to ask. With this in mind let’s look at why relationships get stuck.

Just Good Friends

There are couples who get along well from the very beginning. They like the same food, the same activities, the same songs, the same friends, and more. They rarely if ever argue and they are respectful of each other’s private space. But, the spark of romance is missing, at least in one of the partners in this relationship. If you are the one that loves your partner and he or she is just a good friend, you need to decide if this is what you want in life. For example, you want to get married, have children, and see a little commitment from your best friend. He or she, however, is happy with things as they are. Then you need to talk about life plans, kids, marriage and the rest. But the talk should have a point. If you want to get married don’t forget to ask. And ask for an answer. If the answer is “no” don’t spend important years of your life waiting for you good friend to become the lover who sweeps you off your feet and makes your life perfect. He or she is probably just too comfortable there in front of the TV set.

Is There Someone Else?

You have met someone and things seem to be going well. But, every so often it seems as though he or she is distracted. When you try to bring the subject around to settling down together and making a commitment to each other he or she tends to change the subject. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may have someone else that they are in love with. The person may be someone whom they are seeing or the person may be someone that they fantasize about but that other person is holding a space in the heart of the one that you love. Get to the bottom on this situation before it breaks your heart. If you want to get married don’t forget to ask. It will bring the matter to a head and, perhaps, bring your sweetheart back to you.

No Money

Sometimes your sweetheart will not bring up the subject of marriage because the two of you are just starting out in life and he or she thinks that you need some financial capital if you are going to live together. This might be a good idea but it does not mean that you cannot get engaged and then work on building a nest egg. If you want to get married don’t forget to ask. It is a good way to get down to the practical aspects of making a life together.

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