How to turn a crush into a date

A classic crush scenario is at the gym. Begin cautiously, the gym is where people often feel intimidated if their personal space is invaded. Keep it simple to start with. Comment on the terrible music, or the programme on the monitor. Don’t come on to heavy. Avoid becoming her self appointed personal trainer, do not start dishing out advice on her gym routine, insecurity plays a big role during a work out. Talk about what’s happening around you at the gym it’s less threatening, ask for some advice on the next gym class. Don’t go near her while she is flat out on the treadmill – Pick your moment.

The office crush. Be very careful with this one! If it goes horrible wrong, there’s no avoiding him. Casually ask him to join you and you’re work friends for Friday afternoon drinks. This doesn’t come across as unprofessional, it’s a good way of getting around asking him out on a one on one date. Keep your crush to yourself, don’t rely on someone to set you up, gossip will destroy any chance you have of eventually dating him.

The gorgeous waitress. Get to know her shifts, but be subtle, stalking her won’t give you the desired result. Sit in the area of the restaurant that she waits on. Make a point of being polite, charming and patient. In an environment where rudeness is rife, your charming behaviour will be noted by her and she will be happy to see you whenever you come in. Listen and make mention of things she has discussed with you. Win her trust. Don’t come right out and say “hey where do you live” That’s just creepy. Ask her about her university exams, or her favourite movie.

Her stunning online dating profile. It’s very true that hot women who use online dating sites are inundated with responses. Truth is though, she will give each of these responses about 5 seconds of her time before it gets sent to trash, so first impressions are crucial. Your online dating profile must have a photo. Singles profiles that include photos have 20 times more chance of receiving a response compared to those that don’t. Having said that though, you would be amazed at some of the non appealing photos people post. Don’t: Take a photo of yourself using your mobile phone and standing in front of a mirror. Do: Have photos taken specifically for your online dating profile, and look happy. Have photo’s taken of you smiling and laughing. Don’t: Just use any photo that is several years old.

Winning over your crush may not be as hard as you think. At the end of the day, all of us want to be with someone who is sincere, kind, interesting and impressionable.

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