How To Select a Dating Site Without Getting Ripped Off

Various online dating sites attract various groups, whether by gender, age, appearance or residential district, which provide both friendship and romance. Regrettably, consumer complaints leveled against dating services started to rise noticeably back in 2006 and 2007 according to the Better Business Bureau who also predicted that this problem will continue to escalate.

Be vigilant when searching for a suitable dating service as the hype that goes along with this industry makes it easy to make snap decisions. When undertaking your online personals search you’ll be confronted with various options including singles chat sites offering free trials, satisfaction guarantees and many other tactics to entice you to pull out your credit card. The following provides some handy tips to ensure you sign up to a dating service that will deliver on its promise.

1. Watch out for fake recommendations from fulfilled customers; such recommendations may not be genuine. Ask the site owner if you can speak with or liaise with real clients about their experiences and level of satisfaction.

2. Familiarize yourself the romantic language, pictures and music that’s used to win over potential clients as these tactics often over sell the reality of the service that is on offer. Also determine whether the dating site caters to your expectations i.e.: casual dating, long-term relationships, gay, religion, and ethnicity.

3. Be aware of hard sell sales maneuvers such as low price membership specials and trials that will cease the same day you sign up and will result in your credit card being charged or a free profile or extended membership for signing up for a free trial.

4. Prior to signing up ascertain what the ramifications of canceling are or associated fees that will be incurred should you choose to break the contract. Concealed costs and other detrimental information is quite often in tiny fine print.

5. Get in touch with the Better Business Bureau to determine if the dating service is valid, and if there’s been subsequent complaints against them and the nature of any previous disputes.

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How do you feel about dating an omnivore?

I feel really passionate about animal rights, health, and the environment… basically veganism in a nutshell! I think I could manage to date a vegetarian, but it would be really difficult for me to date an omnivore that would tell me, “I respect your decision, why can’t you respect mine?” Because I find it difficult to respect the decision to cause harm and contribute to animal suffering, bad health, and polluting the environment.

I was just curious about your opinions!
Vegetarians: How would you feel about dating an omnivore?
Vegans: How would you feel about dating a vegetarian? How would you feel about dating an omnivore?

I am Vegan. I dont think I could ever get serious with an omnivore. Maybe casual dating, but nothing more. I am also very passionate about animal rights and the environment, and wouldnt consider dating anyone who wasnt. We would be too different. I have never met another Vegan, and even Vegetarians are hard to come by. I would hate to say I am settling, but for now thats what I’m doing. I would love to find a Vegan, but it hasnt happened yet. I can say that I would never marry an omnivore. Could you imagine the problems that would arise there? Not saying I am better than them, just that our ideals would be too different.

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