How to Seduce a Man

Online dating makes it easier to gain attention in the dating world and easier to find someone. But once you have found him and decide that you like him how can you keep him? This has to do with how to seduce a man. Unless you want to be just good friends you need him to be sexually attracted to you.

Think back to the first brush off by someone you were madly in love with. He or she said that the two of you were just good friends. Hopefully you do not still bear the scars from that sweet but painful definition of your first would be relationship.

You may be looking for a long term relationship but along the way you also want sex, maybe not sex on the first date, but a healthy sexual relationship. Unless sex holds no interest for you the advice from our hot first date article should be useful.

Not all hot first dates require movie star attractiveness. There are lots of interesting, alluring, sexy people with fairly average looks. A bright smile, a suggestive glance, and revealing garments can lead the way to a hot first date. Because of the chance that the first date will be a disappointment a women may want to wear a jacket over her revealing dress. If the encounter does not promise to be a hot first the date the jacket stays in place. If things become interesting you can ask him to please help you remove your jacket with the implication that you would like him to remove what little else you are wearing as well!

But how to seduce a man goes beyond scanty clothing and seductive glances. How do women seduce men without relying on their looks?

I know that you though we were going to say that youth, a pretty face and large breasts are how women seduce men but you guessed wrong. The first and most important factor with women who successfully seduce men is self-confidence.

Playfulness is a good way to get your new friend to relax and enjoy your company whether he is already thinking of sex or not.
Many women play the available/not available game in order to create a sense of need in the man they want to seduce. But it is not really necessary to play games with the other person. Simply continue to live your life without constantly giving up things to be with the new guy.

How to seduce a man is to get his attention on several levels but in the end bring it back to a kiss, a hug and a desire on his part for more. We asked recently if you need to kiss on the second date.

If you are a 37 year old widow who is going out on a second date with a man whom you have known and like a lot a little kiss or two or three might be just the right thing. On the other hand if you are a 15 year old girl going out with an 18 year old boy there is the risk of things getting out of hand. The 37 year old widow will have arranged for a baby sitter, picked a seductive outfit and made sure to bring condoms. The 15 year old girl may want to wait until her new boyfriend delivers her to the front door of her home before permitting a brief kiss and then going inside.

Before you seduce a man please decide if he is worth the effort and not one of Judge Judy’s schlubs. And decide if you are ready for a sexual relationship or might be way in over your head. Once you make the decision seduce a man things might move faster than you expected!

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