How to Seduce a Girl in Three Minutes

Think of a combination of speed dating and sex on the first date. How to seduce a girl in three minutes requires a little of each. Speed dating is usually a means of meeting a lot of people in a short time but it can also be the first step on the path to seduction. Two weeks ago we talked about how to seduce a girl by talking.

The most successful pickup lines are often just sincere things that we say to people. Going out of your way to complement a person that you know or, perhaps, just barely know is a great way to spark a bit of interest without over the top flattery or a cold recitation of your list of interests. Once you have the undivided attention of the man or woman in whom you have an interest, a clear expression of your interest in him or her as a person often works just fine. Smile and say, I would love to spend more time with you.

At that point you should be able to tell if she is falling for you or not interested. A bright smile, a suggestive glance, and revealing garments can lead the way to a hot first date. Men should wear clothing that is not totally revealing but does hit at their physical attributes. But remember that, as the famous statesman Henry Kissinger said, power is the greatest aphrodisiac. Quiet self-assurance can be as much or more of a turn on than a body builder physique.

The Yes or No Switch

Human beings are programmed to make judgements about people at first glance. This may not seem fair from a social standpoint but this skill has survival advantages and thus has become part of our makeup. You want to make a great first impression. That way you are already half way there. How to seduce a girl in three minutes is a lot easier if your personal appearance and manner take her breath away.

Where May Be Just As Important As How

If you want to seduce a girl in three minutes you need her undivided attention. This rules out meeting in a loud bar or going to a play, concert or interesting movie. Remember why movies are bad first dates? The only exception this rule is the back of a dark and most empty theater if you think that she is ready to make out. But then wouldn’t you rather be in a more comfortable location?

And When You Succeed

If you succeed at seducing a girl in just three minutes is it all just about the conquest or are you interested in something beyond a one night stand and bragging to your buddies? Remember our article about how to avoid being a serial dater? The point in the end is to have a happy relationship and a happy life. If how to seduce a girl in three minutes is part of achieving those longer term goals, it would be good skill to cultivate.

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