How to Know When You Should Leave a Relationship

Relationships can make your life complete or they can be a black hole from which escape seems impossible. Problems in relationships are normal and can be dealt with but when have you had enough? This is about how to know when you should leave a relationship.

New Relationship and It Is Not Working

The easiest relationship to leave is when it is new. You do not have children and you don’t really have any obligations. The only caution is to beware when you have met someone who is controlling and does not want to let go. This kind of situation is the best reason not to go too fast in a relationship and to always have a way out if you think you are in danger. The aspects of dating apps that make it easy to meet and hook up with someone often don’t provide the same screening capabilities as online dating, reading someone’s resume and chatting online a bit before meeting face to face. We have suggested that meeting someone for the first time at a public place like a coffee shop allows you to leave if things are not working out. The same sort of approach fits for new relationships when you start to think that this person won’t be the one. In this case you have not invested a lot of yourself and if you don’t like it you can easily leave.

Afraid You Won’t Find Anyone Else

If you are not happy in a relationship and find yourself making up reason why it is “really OK” it is probably time to leave. We have written about communication in relationships. If you are not happy talk to your partner and try to sort out just what is going on. If he or she does not want to talk or simply says that the problem is yours then it is time to leave. Unfortunately sometimes we lack the confidence to move on. We are afraid of being along and falsely think that we can never find another person who will love us, care for us or want to be with us. Confidence is the key. Confidence helps us in dating to find that right person and it helps us choose when to pursue a relationship and when to leave.

Physical or Emotional Abuse

It is commonly easier to avoid an abusive relationship than to get out of one. When we tolerate abuse, either physical or mental, it takes a toll on our self-esteem and it messes with our mind. No one should put up with being beaten or with repeated verbal abuse but when a person lives in fear and does not believe they can get away they rationalize their situation.  How to know when you should leave a relationship is when you find yourself constantly making excuses for why you are putting up with abuse. At that time you need to leave, find a safe place and report to authorities.

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