How To Have More Energy

Between work and family, the responsibilities of home and social life, your day is more than full. How do you find energy for everything? The next time you need something to pick yourself up try one of these simple remedies to restore your energy. You may well find that your energy and attitude change faster than it would take a make a cup of coffee

1) Load Up With Energy At Breakfast

Start the morning with the right food and it will improve your alertness and concentration. We are not talking about coffee and a sugar doughnut here. Refined carbohydrates give you a quick boost but they don’t last. In fact they can cause a rebound effect and drive your blood sugar down, making you feel tired, headachy, and irritable. For breakfast try a mix of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and unsaturated fat. A good example would be a granola-like cereal with skim milk, a bit of fruit, almonds, scrambled eggs with vegetables, and a slice of whole wheat bread. All of these nutritious foods absorb and digest slowly giving you energy all the way to lunch time.

2) An Interesting Aroma Can Help With Your Sense Of Energy And Interest

Keep a bottle of lemon oil or essence of mint in your desk drawer at work. When you start to lose energy, use these invigorating aromas to breathe energy back into your body. Eating a bit of sweet mint or lemon works as well. It turns out that the aroma of citrus wakes up the alert centers of the brain. Scientific research has demonstrated that individuals are able to solve math problems more quickly and felt less anxious after exposure to these aromas.

3) Bright Colors Are A Wakeup

Seeing bright colors wakes up the brain. Use these to decorate you living space and, as much as you can, your work space. Red is especially effective. Apparently the brain sees red as a warning and perks up, helping us process information more quickly and accurately.

4) Listen To Music To Lift Your Spirits and Wake Up

Music gives us energy. Research shows that those who listen to music throughout the day are statistically more likely to feel happier. Lively music has been found to speed us up at whatever we are doing. Create a list of your favorite tunes and listen to them when you have a ton of work to do. You will probably finish sooner and be happier as well.

5) Organize, Organize, Organize!

A kitchen sink full of dirty dishes is a sure recipe for feeling down in the dumps. We all feel more like we are in control of our home or work environment when we pick up along the way. We tend to do our jobs more efficiently as well, which in turn leads to feeling better.

No matter what you have to do today, these tips can help you to increase your energy and keep that sense of laziness away all day long.

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