How To Have A Good First Date

We all would like a hot first date, love at first sight, and love ever after. However, a more practical matter is how to have a good first date. What can you do to increase the odds of having a good time with your new friend on your first date? Here are a few thoughts about how to have a good first date with the obvious premise that there will be more to come.

Do Something That Each of You Enjoy

First of all this means that the two of you will need to talk a little about what you like and do not like. Getting the conversation going before you go out together is a great way to break the ice. And, if you settle on something that each of you likes to do it increases the chances that both of you will enjoy your first date.

Stay Within Your Budget

It can be very tempting to try to impress too much on the first date. As a general rule how to have a good first date is not to spend too much on a meal or other event that sets expectations too high for the next time that you go out together. And, when one of you is spending too much on a date there may be expectations that the evening will end up in a sexual encounter. If it is not your plan to have sex with someone whom you have just met stay within your budget and that of the other person on your first date.

Casual Is Good For A First Date

It may seem like a good idea to buy a new dress or a new suit in order to impress on a first date. But, you are just raising expectations. How to make a good first impression is not necessarily to wear a new outfit. Clean up and wear nice but casual clothes. Smile and be pleasant. Think of things to say and fun things to do are often how to have a good first date and work better than trying to overdo in the first time out.

Talking Is Good

If you are thinking about the trendy bar with the loud music, forget it. You really want to be able to talk to that special someone on the first date. Movies are a common first date as are plays and concerts because you get to spend time together but there is no pressure to talk. It is too bad but also expected that so many of these first dates go nowhere. How to have a good first date is to do things together and talk. Talk about what you do. Talk about what you like. Ask questions and let your new friend talk. Talking is good on a first date.

The Corner Coffee Shop Is Always A Good Idea

Do not plan an extensive adventure with someone whom you may not like. And do not make the first date a physically tiring experience. For example, forget the fifty mile bike ride, hours long drive in the car to a distant location, or anything else that distracts from getting together, talking, and having the opportunity to improvise when things are going well.

Avoid Competitive Sports And Games On The First Date

You may love to play monopoly with your brothers and you may just love to win all of the time. Some folks like this and some do not. How to have a good first date is typically to avoid competitive events in which you or your new friend ends up being the loser. After all you will want to build a strong relationship based on love, respect, and sharing, not one in which you always win or dominate!

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  1. Alexis Taylor says:

    If you hope for your relationship with this person to be something that continues, you should keep the potential rest of your relationship in mind during this first date. Don’t try to go out on a limb or be impressive–be the person you are and who you always will be. That is the most your date can ask of you.

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