How To End A Relationship

If you are thinking of moving on it is probably time to decide how to end a relationship that you are in. You can always just walk away, not answer phone calls, or emails, and pretend that the relationship never existed. That may work for a first date but it is not how to end a relationship that that has lasted weeks, months or even years. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may still be in your circle of friends and acquaintances. You do not want hard feelings to poison your social relationships after you break off your romantic relationship. Even when relationships go bad we all tend to have some good feelings for the person we are separating from. It is a good idea to remember this when breaking up. It is also a good idea to think about just why it is that you want to end the relationship. It is a good idea to talk to the person you are breaking up with, and to be clear about just why it is that you want to move on. The best way how to end a relationship is by being very clear and also very firm.

This brings up the question of how to end a relationship when the other person really wants to hang on, try again, or just not leave your side. Having a clingy person in your life can wear you down. The same person may still want to stick to you like glue when you want a fresh start, without the same old baggage. You need to be clear and you need to be firm in ending such a relationship. Half measures tend to lead to confusion and continuing, off again, on again, relationships. If you have clothes at his apartment take them with you. If he or she has clothes at your place pack them in a box and deliver them, or have them delivered, to his place.

How to end a relationship best is to let others know. If you have not been happy in your relationship you have probably talked about it with your friends and family. Let them know that you want to break up. Then plan a little time alone and a little time with you friends and family to fill up the void that is left when we break up with someone. All too often we accept bad relationships for fear of being alone. When you decide to move on, take advantage of the support that your friends and family can offer. Spend time with people and do fun things. Suffering is not how to end a relationship. Finding a new life is how to end a relationship and find a new one.

How to end a relationship that is abusive or dangerous is a different matter. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is psychologically or physically abusive you need to end the relationship and get help. You need to preserve your space and your safety. You need to stop all contact with the person who is a danger to you.

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