How to Date Online and Avoid Being Scammed

We wrote recently about dating apps as a quicker approach to finding someone online. We also wrote about identity theft with dating apps. Now we would like to talk about how to date online and avoid being scammed. Using a dating app that is poorly programmed and allows someone to sneak into your cell phone undetected is a problem. But often times the problem is not in the code but in plain view. NBC published an article recently about how to avoid dating app scammers.

One in five Americans ages 25 to 34 have turned to online dating, according to the Pew Research Center. But digital security experts warn the convenience of online dating can also make consumers more vulnerable to online hackers. Some of these criminals have advanced cyberskills and now operate online, dating theft rings. The bad guys in these groups pretend to be singles looking for love, with the real intent of securing personal data, or getting victims to send cash.

Most dating fraud activity targeting Americans can be traced outside the U.S. to countries including Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast, according to fraud protection company iovation, which works with many online dating companies.

To protect yourself from a imperfect dating app read product reviews before buying and simply avoid any product that does not give assurances that their product is properly coded and safe to use.

And there are aspects of dating apps that should be avoided altogether. For example, do not give your exact current physical location to a perfect stranger! Dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr use GPS technology to let someone else with the service to know if you are in their area, providing that you are using the same service. If you do not want to be bait for a stalker, avoid these products.

And while we are on the subject, how much personal information do you want to give to a perfect stranger? This applies to the resume you post on a traditional online dating website, what you put in a dating app and the information you exchange when chatting online or face to face. Just why does this person whom you have just met need to know your social security number or the name of your bank? What you get that sort of request it is time to head for the exit.

The parting comment in the NBC article is that if it seems too good to be true it probably is just that. In many ways how to date online and avoid being scammed is just a matter of common sense.

Alternatives to Giving Up Too Much Info Too Soon

A successful first date is often a . Agree to meet this new person in a public place like a corner coffee shop and have your own way home arranged either by having parked your car in front or having the number of your favorite taxi driver in your pocket. If the man or woman starts talking about their hardships and asking for money it is totally inappropriate and time for you to leave.

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