How To Avoid Dating Disasters

Perhaps the best way to avoid dating disasters is to learn from experience. After all you cannot always know when the person you met via an online dating site lied about his age, income or marital status. You cannot always know in advance that someone has really irritating habits. And you cannot always know in advance that what looked like a hot first date will fizzle. When you think that he or she is giving you all the cues and you start to remove an essential piece of clothing he or she tells you that they are reevaluation their sexual preference. If any of these situations sound familiar please avoid dating disasters in the future by learning from experience. But what are the cues to help you avoid dating disasters the first time around?

To Thine Own Self Be True

Shakespeare tells us that if we are true to our own desires and wishes that we will not be false to others. This is a good starting point for success on the first date. If you really are looking for sex on the first date it is smart to make that clear with your new found friend even when you are chatting online. Perhaps what you want is to have a good time when you go on a first date and do not want sex until you get to know the person. If that is the case do not wear a dress with a deep cleavage or a see-through blouse and no bra. Actions really do speak louder than words and if you want to avoid dating disasters of the misperception variety do not raise false hope in your friend. And, when you find that your new friend is pushy and even threatening, get up and leave. How to avoid dating disasters in this case is to never see this person again, never answer his emails, and never again chat online. Something that bears repeating, which we do on this site is that you do not have to put up with physical or psychological abuse in order to find the love of your life. In fact, you should never settle for someone who abuses you, not for money and not for perceived safety because they will destroy you, heart and soul in the end.

Keep It Simple And Have An Out

How to avoid dating disasters on first dates is to meet in a public place and have your own way home if things do not work out. Go out to have a good time but remember that you are meeting this person for the first time and despite what you know about them you may not be happy when meeting them face to face. Do not set you standards too high but if you get a really bad feeling early on in the date head for the door.

Do Not Sabotage A Night Out With Your Spouse

Not all dating disasters occur on first dates. Sometimes we have things that we need to talk about. But, the place to bring up a really touchy subject is not at a fancy restaurant just as the food and wine arrives. It is not at a World Series baseball game with everyone around you listening in to your problems. Pick the right time and place and avoid dating disasters caused by bringing up the wrong subject at the wrong time.

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