How Much Should You Pay On A Date?

Assuming that you are not going “Dutch Treat,” How much should you pay on a date? This advice is primarily for men but women may read this too. Guys, just how much should you pay on a date? Is the amount of money that you pay on a date related to your success in finding that special someone in your life? Or, is it directly related to your attracting gold diggers who bleed you dry and then leave when the money runs out? Does paying a lot on a date impress your new found friend or does it leave her wondering if she is being “bought” and will need to “put out,” to use an old expression, in return? For that matter does paying a lot to go on a date mean that you will have a better time? How much should you pay on a date and can spending a lot of money bring you happiness?

When You Need to Pay More on a Date

How much should you pay on a date if it is your first anniversary of dating, or it is Valentine’s Day, or it is her birthday, or you are going to propose marriage? On special occasions it is usually a good idea to do something special. A nice meal at a nice restaurant is a good way to set the mood for a romantic evening. It is also a good way to tell that special someone just how much you think of them. That having been said, there are overpriced restaurants and there are nice restaurants that are not overly expensive. If you wondering where to take your sweet heart for a special evening, here is a bit of advice. Do not ask what the best restaurant is. The answer will tend to be the most expensive restaurant. Ask where everyone goes for a nice time and romantic evening. The best time when you go out to eat is typically a combination of restaurant ambience and good service as well as good food and ease of getting a table on a busy Saturday evening. You often do not need to pay more on a date that is special than for a normal evening out if you give the subject some thought and pick a place that is interesting and different, not haughty and overly expensive. How much should you pay on a date that is special? Pay enough to have a good time and not so much that you appear to be showing off.

When You Should Not Pay More on a Date

How much should you pay on a date if you have just met someone? If you just want to get to know the woman that you have started dating find something fun to do and something that takes the pressure off. Walks in the park work for some folks, as do visits to free museums. Coffee shops are inexpensive as are many pizza joints. If you want to get together to chat, have a little privacy, or work through an issue or two you do not need pay a lot of money. Just find a spot that is free of distractions and then either work on having a good time or work on your issues. And, never think that what you should pay on a date has to do with trying to fix relationship issues. Trying to bribe your way out of trouble is usually not the way to go. Honesty, an apology when required, or just a little time together talking things over are more important things than what you should pay on a date.

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