How Long Do You Wait?

Patience can be a good thing in dating. Waiting for the right person instead of marrying the first person who kisses you is a good idea. Waiting while your boyfriend finishes his tour of duty in the army before getting married and having children is another good idea. But how long do you wait for him, or her, to call after a first date? How long do you wait to have sex after you start dating? How long do you wait until you leave an abusive spouse? Here are a few thoughts on how long do you wait.

Waiting for a Call

You had a really hot first date. When you went home you believed that you had found the man of your dreams. You called all your friends and told them about this guy and you spent hours daydreaming about a life with your new special friend. And then he did not call. How long do you wait until you admit that he was only interested in one time sex or that perhaps he lost your number and is too lazy to try to find you? There are instances in which a person loses your number or is so insanely busy that they cannot call you. But when a day turns into a week and a week turns into a month something is amiss. Even the director of a trauma center who works 120 hour weeks knows how to use a cell phone and tell you that he, or she, is busy. If your new friend simply does not call get on with your life.

How Soon Sex?

Although many of us dream about sex on the first date it is not necessarily a good idea. If what you are looking for is having fun and not developing relationships, a series of one night stands can be great. Just make sure to bring condoms and make it clear to your partner that your only interest is in their body. For those of us who are looking for someone to spend our life with it is a good idea to wait a few dates before going all the way. How long do you wait? Three dates may be right or a year may be better. Are both of you ready to commit to a long term relationship? Are both of you willing to develop a sexual relationship and then break it off? The danger of having sex too soon is that one of the two partners in the relationship wants to progress to a real long term relationship and the other wants to leave after having had his or her fun. How long to wait until you have sex depends on your appreciation of these factors.

You Don’t Have to Put Up with an Abusive Partner

How long do you wait to leave an abusive partner? Image the time it takes to collect your belongings and walk to the door. That is how long to wait before leaving an abusive partner. The best way to avoid an abusive relationship is not to get into one.

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