How Do You Survive a Blind Date?

Blind dates are not new. When you are single, it is common to have a friend who thinks they know someone who you could have chemistry with. They think it a good idea to play Cupid and bring love to two people.

The problem with blind dates or meetings arranged by third parties is that there is a high degree of fear, because we cannot control the situation from the very beginning. We don’t know whether the other person will like us or if the ‘Cupid’ skills of our friends are good enough to find a future boyfriend or girlfriend. It often happens that people attend a blind date because of the commitment to friendship they have with the person arranging it.

A blind date is like leaving everything to luck: it can result in a beautiful relationship or friendship but can also end in a terrible night. The key here is to make sure that you do not put yourself in a dangerous position: crimes are committed in the most unsuspecting of situations, like a romantic date. When meeting someone for the first time a person should not give any very personal information and the meeting should take place in a crowded public place. If the date is to take place among friends, it is best to relax, and try to have fun even when the candidate is a total disappointment.

We should never forget to be authentic. Anxiety can play tricks on us and make us act foolishly or talk nonsense due to the intrigue of not knowing how the candidate will be or whether there will be chemistry. Sometimes it’s the same stress of the occasion that makes the candidates get a false image of each other: thinking they are very reserved or timid.

From time to time, the candidate might not meet expectations or we really dislike them. If this is the case, it is best to be polite and wait for the date to finish and, in the most cordial way, thank them for the evening and leave, maybe giving the promise of a second date is appropriate, but only as a courtesy.

Sometimes, there is chemistry between both people and planning a second date is a good way to get to know them better. The ideal result of a blind date is to have a successful conversation with the candidate. For this to happen, it is better to move cautiously to try to build a relationship, and only if the feeling is mutual: occasionally, the excitement of finding someone attractive can scare the candidate.

Always take into account that the first impression is not the most important, although it is hard to forget. It is essential to choose a safe public place to have the blind date; relax and, if possible, surround yourself with friends to create a pleasant environment. Be yourself and hope that both sides have a good time, without feeling pressured to rush into something in the event that there is compatibility, or feeling disappointed if you don’t find what you are expecting.

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