How Do Women Seduce Men?

Sexual attraction is universal but too many of us end up longing for emotional and sexual satisfaction and fulfillment without a lot of success. On the other hand there are women especially who do well at this game. How do women seduce men on a regular basis? Here are a few insights into how to seduce men, including men who you might otherwise think are “out of your league.”

Confidence versus Neediness

I know that you though we were going to say that youth, a pretty face and large breasts are how women seduce men but you guessed wrong. The first and most important factor with women who successfully seduce men is self-confidence. Years ago we wrote that confidence wins in dating and it is still true today. Stop being needy and showing neediness and you can improve you odds of seducing men.

Relaxation and Perspective

The more confident you are in yourself the more relaxed you will be in dealing with others, especially that special someone you are trying to seduce. When you are relaxed it is also easier to put things in perspective. It is very rare that you only have one shot at getting someone’s attention so don’t get all anxious at the start when trying to seduce someone new. And remember that you want to seduce that special someone and not the kind of schlubs that Judge Judy says you should avoid.

Be Fun and Have Fun

We all want some fun in life. Playfulness is a good way to get your new friend to relax and enjoy your company whether he is already thinking of sex or not. Keep a sense of humor when dating. Then when things do not go especially well you can keep things in perspective and will be able to continue your seduction or realize that this is not the guy whom you want.

Keep Control of Your Life

Many women play the available/not available game in order to create a sense of need in the man they want to seduce. But it is not really necessary to play games with the other person. Simply continue to live your life without constantly giving up things to be with the new guy. (Remember the neediness part?) After a date in which you flirted, kissed and then went home he will think of you and that process of remembering, fantasizing and making plans is part of your seduction scheme. Even when you are not with him you really are, right in his head. A little patience goes a long way.

Getting to the Point

So, you are saying, when do we get to the seduction part? In our article about having a hot first date we wrote about the physical aspects of seduction.

A bright smile, a suggestive glance, and revealing garments can lead the way to a hot first date. Because of the chance that the first date will be a disappointment a women may want to wear a jacket over her revealing dress. If the encounter does not promise to be a hot first the date the jacket stays in place. If things become interesting you can ask him to please help you remove your jacket with the implication that you would like him to remove what little else you are wearing as well!

And don’t forget to bring condoms. So, how do women seduce men? Recently we noted that online dating kills the chances of a mixed attractiveness relationship. The point of our article is to show you how to seduce a man whom you might otherwise think is “out of your league.”

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