Handling A Breakup – Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony

Handling a breakup can be difficult. If you cialis price were in a relationship with the wrong kind of person to begin with, handling a breakup badly can just get you back in a relationship with the wrong kind of person again. Handling a breakup in the right way can save you a lot of difficulty in the next relationship. It may give you insights into how to find the right person for a lasting relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were in the news recently after the breakup of their seven year marriage. The paparazzi were all over the famous male singer at a recent concert in Bogotá. “Sources” are reported to say that he is quiet and, in fact, heartbroken, not handling a breakup well at all. Thus say the watchers of the famous. However, handling a breakup well often requires time alone. It requires time for reflection. It also requires that a person continue with his or her normal life. The fact the Marc Anthony performed on stage is promising. A little time alone is good for handling a breakup but complete seclusion only leads to depression.

In handling a breakup it is good to acknowledge feelings. Sadness, anger, and confusion are common after the breakup of a long term relationship. Letting these feelings happen is healthy. Talking to a trusted friend will often help. (If you are the friend, just listen. Your friend probably just needs to voice his or her feelings and does not need advice just yet.)

Relationships take time from your daily life. In handling a breakup you will have time on your hands. Think about those things that you always wanted to do but did not have time for. Now, when you have broken up may be just the time for a trip, a new hobby, or just a good book. Entertainment is good in handling a breakup. You may feel sad after breaking up but you are not required to feel sad, confused, or angry forever. Part of getting past the sadness and pain of breaking up is taking care of yourself. Watch your favorite TV show, go to a ball game, play cards, golf, pool, or tennis with a friend. For that matter take the vacation that you always wanted to take and your former partner refused to go on.

In handling a breakup you need to realize that life goes on and that the decisions you make at this time can lead to a better and more permanent relationship in the future. Too many men and women rebound right into the same type of relationship with the same, often unhealthy, dynamics because they are afraid to be alone. Take time. Find things to do to fill your life with interesting places, people, and events. Often times the person of your dreams has the same interests as you. You may well find that special someone by simply living your life and doing the things that you like to do.

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