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The other day we were looking for dating information and ran across a nice list of dating sites arranged by topic on about dot com dating. One category that caught our collective eye was green dating sites.  What we asked, are green dating sites? According to about dot com dating,

Vegetarian, vegan, eco-friendly, environmentalists, and other green-friendly singles are catered to by these green dating sites.

Here are a few of the suggested green dating sites listed on about dot com.

  • Date for Change
  • Concerned Singles
  • Earth Wise Singles
  • Green Drinks
  • Green Singles
  • Planet-Earth Singles
  • Veggie Connection
  • Veggie Fishing
  • Veggie Romance

Will Green Equal Success in Dating?

Can green dating sites help you get a hot albeit vegan first date? Will you find a happy relationship using green dating sites? Let us look at what one of the sites says about itself. As the Concerned Singles site notes, you can meet people of your sexual preference

who share you progressive values and are in sync with your philosophical and political outlook.

The rationale for using green dating sites is that you start your search for a friend and partner in life with a list that has been culled of most the folks who views, philosophies and habits you would find objectionable. If we go with the premise that better friends make better lovers and better friends and lovers make better partners in a long term relationship, then just hanging out together with someone with similar interests and views is a great idea for starters. Certainly, if a pair does not hit if off there is less emotional trauma to deal with after just hanging out together than after a steamy romance that ends up on the rocks. Sexual attraction is great but sexual attraction to someone who is ignorant about what you consider important usually spells disaster.

Long Term Relationships

It is all too often the case that people who are deeply committed to causes such as environmental preservation find long term relationships difficult to maintain. Having someone in your life who believes like you do that the world is worth saving is a good thing. Having someone in your life who knows that what you eat is important not only makes cooking easier but your life as well. If your significant other believes, as you do, the Robert Redford quote on Green Singles about defending the environment,

Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?

then the two of you are of one mind on things that matter in the world and things that matter for the two of you. If the two of you are equally committed to green causes each of you will understand when the other needs time to do what is right. It may be that the two of you can spend your days on green projects and your nights in each other’s arms. This is why green dating sites are good and why green dating sites may be your ticket to a great romance and a happy and fulfilling life.

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