Go Back to Friendship after Sex

The two of you have been good friends for a long time. Then, after a few drinks, the two of you end up in bed having sex. Maybe that was what was supposed to happen all along and maybe one or both of you realizes that it was a mistake. One or both of you may be married or in a long term relationship. The question for those who realize that having sex was not a good idea is how can you go back to friendship after sex? Of course the fact may be that you do not want to go back to friendship after sex. You may like the idea of combining friendship with sex. If neither of you is in a long term relationship you may just want to go ahead with an intimate relationship and see how it goes. With this in mind here are a few thoughts about how to go back to friendship after sex, or not.

Are There Incompatibilities?

If you have just had sex with a coworker, spouse of a friend, or your employee or boss it may be necessary to go back to friendship after having sex. It may also be difficult. Intimacy always changes things. Many times it changes relationships for the better. And often times it changes things for the worse. It is best to spot the incompatibilities before ending up in bed together but in this hypothetical case it did not happen. Talking things over may be a good idea. If the thought of a relationship is appealing, one or both of you may want to change jobs or get out of the other relationship. Otherwise one or both of you are playing with fire.

Are There Other Issues?

Are the two of you of the same sex? Now the issues may have to do with whether you want to tell the rest of the world right away or explore new relationship a little bit first. Depending upon how understanding and open your families and friends are this could be an easy situation or a difficult one. It certainly is possible to go back to friendship after having sex if one or both of you have realized that you are gay. But, there are probably a lot of other issues to think about and deal with as well as whether you go back to friendship after having sex.

The Two Of You Have The Right To Choose

If the two of you somewhata unexpectedly found yourselves in bed and totally enjoying it you may want to ask yourself just why it took so long to get there. Dating is supposed to be fun. Relationships are supposed to be enjoyable, comforting, secure, and good for us. Many wish that their lover and or spouse were also their best friend. If you have now combined the two situations, that is not a bad thing. Maybe the best is not to go back to friendship after sex but to simply enjoy the addition of sex to a healthy friendship.

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