Getting the Relationship That You Want

Getting the relationship that you want, starts when you begin online dating. Do you want a casual relationship, to be just good friends? Or do you want a hot first date to lead to an ongoing intimate relationship but without any serious obligations? Or, are you looking for a happy and satisfying relationship that lasts a lifetime? Getting the relationship that you want will probably not happen by chance. You need to think about what you want and then proceed in the manner most likely to give you what you want. And, remember that you may, in fact, progress through each of the three stages mentioned above. So, getting the relationship that you want may require a little more planning that just thinking about how to get sex on the first date.

Casual Relationships: Just Good Friends

This is the relationship that you want if you are not interested in sex, raising a family or taking on any special obligations. In the short term this is the relationship that is easiest to start and maintain. You simply need to be outgoing, a good listener and look for someone who has likes and interests similar to yours. So, when you post your resume on one or more online dating sites focus on finding someone with interests that match yours. Go out with lots of people and you will probably find someone who just likes to be friends without a lot of strings attached.

Casual Relationships: Sexual

In this case you will want to emphasize how attractive, virile and sexy you are. You will want to list the things that you like and do but you will want to make sure that these things are consistent with being a ready, willing and able lover. And you will want to emphasize that you are attracted to casual relationships and are not ready to settle down just yet. When the time comes to meet face to face make sure to bring condoms. Your manner of dress should be attractive and somewhat seductive. And you will need to be honest about just what you are looking for. Getting the relationship that you want may seem easy but when couples become intimate one or both often become emotionally attached to the other. You may find that your partner wants to move on to a more permanent relationship before you do or you may find yourself deciding that you want something more permanent. And remember that when intimacy is involved one or the other may get hurt if the other constantly seeks other partners.

Friends, Lovers and Lifetime Companions

This is often the route taken by young people who just start out wanting to meet someone. They make friends, become lovers and build a bond of friendship and trust and love that leads to a lifetime together. Getting the relationship that you want may start with looking for a friend and/or wanting someone to have sex with. It may start with explicitly looking for a husband or wife. In all cases you need to keep in mind what the immediate task in hand is. If you are thinking of a permanent relationship you need to talk about that and make plans. Along the way you need to be friends and need sexual compatibility. Then getting the relationship that you want is totally possible.

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