Get Sexual Satisfaction On The First Date

We have written about having a hot first date and about having sex on the first date . The question we would like to pursue is if these lead to sexual satisfaction on the first date. If not, how can you get sexual satisfaction on the first date and not just “have sex” without having a climax? If your dating life is an endless series of unsatisfying one night stands, what do you do? How you avoid choosing a warm bath, a good book, a glass of wine and manually satisfying yourself as your Saturday night routine? Read on for more thoughts about how to get sexual satisfaction on the first date and maybe for the rest of your life.

I Want Sex In My Relationship!

On this site we commonly talk about dating as a path to a lasting and satisfying relationship. We also commonly note that dating should be fun. If what you want is safe and satisfying sex when you go out with someone there needs to be a little planning and preparation. The satisfaction part goes beyond simply getting your new friend into bed at the end of the evening. It has to do with communication, a sense of trust, letting go of inhibitions, and avoiding getting hurt in the process. Getting satisfaction on the first date has to do with picking the right person to go out with and most commonly having an understanding about just why it is that you want to date them. Then you need to dress for the occasion, etc.

Setting Up a Hot First Date

If your interest is physical attraction you will want an attractive person. However if you want to get sexual satisfaction on the first date you may not want to go out with someone with movie star looks. There are lots of interesting, alluring, sexy people with fairly average looks and many of these folks may also be looking for sexual satisfaction after a long series of unsuccessful attempts. Arrive for the evening with a jacket and a very revealing dress. As things begin to progress lose the jacket as a hint that he may want to remove the rest of your garments.

Foreplay or Fast and Furious

To the extent that the two of you are both sexually aroused by the time that you find a private place to have set you may simply want to do it. To the extent that you are not there yet it makes more sense to engage in extended foreplay. This can be the issue for women who want to get sexual satisfaction on the first date. You need to keep him interested and happy while you are getting ready. At this point do not tease. It is better to simply state the truth. You want a very satisfying experience with this guy and you want to do it again and again. That should be enough of an incentive for him to stay interested while you come to a point where you get sexual satisfaction on the first date. And remember to stay on task. If you want sex and genuine satisfaction make that the theme of the evening. Read our article, What Not To Say On A First Date , for things to avoid if what you want is to get sexual satisfaction on the first date. Now, don’t forget to bring condoms and have a great time!

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