Get On With Your Life After She Dumps You

OK, guys, you have been dating someone who you really like and then one day she says that it is all over. She dumps you! You are confused. You are sad. You are angry. What happened? How can you every get on with your life after she dumps you? It is tough when we lose someone whom we are coming to get used to, to like, to love. But it is common when dating that not all relationships work out, especially in the first stages of dating. In fact, sometimes relationships should not work out. People hang on to bad relationships because they are afraid that no one else will want them. For whatever reason, your girlfriend has said that it’s over. Here are a few thoughts about how to get on with your life after she dumps you.

Ask Her Why

It is a fair question to ask why. Maybe she found someone that she likes better. Maybe an old boyfriend came back and she is going to try again with him. Maybe she was two-timing you and decided to quit. And maybe there is something about you that she does not like and rather than confront the issue she has just decided to call it quits. Before you can get on with your life after she dumps you it may be useful to know why. In fact it may be essential because if you were doing something that really bothered her you may do it again with your next girlfriend and lose her too.

Ask Yourself Why

If your former girlfriend will not or cannot say why she dumped you it may be useful to ask yourself the question. Why were you seeing her? Did you enjoy yourself in the relationship? Did she enjoy the relationship, find it fulfilling, and feel secure with you? Ask yourself why she left. If the relationship way difficult in the end ask yourself why you did not try to fix the problem or why you did not call it off. Sometimes we are afraid to confront relationship issues and sometimes it just seems easier to put up with a difficult relationship than fix it or find another. But if you don’t fix the problem she often will and then you will need to change or get on with your life after she dumps you.

If The Problem Is Yours Fix It

As you decide to get on with your life after she dumps you ask yourself is this a recurring theme in your life? If so you really need to ask her why she left and give some thought to how you deal with women, with relationships, and with life in general. If you are simply not ready for a long term relationship don’t get into a situation where you need to continually avoid making a commitment. Do you have problems with power and control issues, sexual issues, financial issues, or anything else that tends to mess up relationships? Go and get some advice, perhaps from a professional, maybe from a good friend who can tell you the honest truth. Then work on your issues before the constant theme of your life is how to get on with your life after she dumps you, again and again.

Don’t Dwell On It And Start Dating Again

Very commonly the best way to get on with your life after she dumps you is to get on with your life after she dumps you. Think about what happened and address the issues that are yours but don’t let her issues define your life. Get out and start dating again and have a good time. The odds are that you will find the person of your dreams and have a great life together.

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