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You would like to develop a relationship with someone or maybe you are looking for a hot first date . However, you are not interested in spending a lot of money on online dating. If that is the case here are a few free online dating sites taken by rank on a Google search for that term. Free online dating sites may be less developed than the ones you pay for but the price is certainly right. To the extent that you have not yet tried online dating free online dating sites may be a good way to start. Take a look at our short list of free online dating sites. is free and has a clickable add for on its front page. That site promises Real Sex just a click away. The site states that it has a lot of members and offers testimonials from those who were happy with the results of using that site.

Plenty of Fish:

This site states that it has three million daily users. According to its front page this is more visits than any other online dating site. The developer of the site claims to have created the most advanced matching system in the world and states that 17% of the time their system will predict in advance whom you will date from the contacts that you make. The front page has a few good looking but also normal looking people with short bios who are allegedly looking for someone.

Extra features include a Chemistry Test that the site says it uses match you with personalities that lead to long lasting stable relationships. They state that they match you with online daters that will meet your emotional needs. In addition the site says that it will help you determine just what your emotional needs are, where you made mistakes in a previous relationship, and will offer a customized plan of action for your next attempt at a lasting relationship. At least on the front page there is no indication that you have to start paying for the ancillary services. If you are seeking a happy relationship online this site may be useful in helping you sort out dating problems and developing a successful approach.

This site is initially free. That is you can post a resume and a dozen photos and respond to emails for free. Additional services are additional, however, the site does compare itself to which it says costs you $40 and states that it costs less. Like Plenty of Fish the site offers relationship advice and help sorting through the possibilities. If you need help with anything from sound advice on long term relationships or good advice on first date essentials this site might help and it is free at the beginning.

This free site is free and, like has a clickable ad for what sounds like sexually explicit dating contacts. Nevertheless you can sign up post a resume, send photos, etc. for free.

Giving Away Your Email Address

The old saying that there is no free lunch may apply to free online dating sites. Or perhaps it is the older Roman saying, let the buyer beware. A very successful tactic in internet marketing is to get a large list of email addresses of people who are likely to be interested in a given set of products or services. So, if you are looking for a date online and are looking at free online dating sites and you join, do not be surprised if you start getting lots of unsolicited emails about products and services that you are not especially interested in!

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