Focus on the Relationship

If you want someone to share your bed night after and night and your dreams day after day, focus on the relationship. We all would like a hot first date . Sex on the first date is a common fantasy and a common goal. But if your goal is having sex with someone you will be more successful if you develop bonds of comfort and trust. Focus on the relationship and the rest typically comes in its own good time. Some time back we talked about how a woman can successfully have the man of her dreams. This quest has little to do with skimpy clothes and sexual innuendo. It has a lot to do with confidence, having fun and being fun to be with, being open to new experiences, and good communication.

Be Confident and Be Yourself

Quiet self-confidence allows your personality to shine. Men and women both like a confident person and are commonly turned off by people who are unsure of themselves, clingy, or self-reproachful. Be confident. Be yourself. And, focus on the relationship with your new friend. Remember that confidence wins in dating .

Having a Good Time

The point of dating is to have a good time together. Don’t start trying to turn your new friend into your fiancée on the first date. Take your time and focus on what the two of you do together. Focus on the relationship. If he or she enjoys being with you, he or she will want to go out with you again and again. Along the way, focus on the relationship, because you deserve someone who fills all of your personal criteria and is not just a pretty or handsome face.

Do Things Together

If this is someone that you want to spend your life with, be open to new experiences. Do things that you like to do and do things that your new friend likes to do. Remember that you do not want to link up with someone and then spend the rest of your life trying to get him or her to enjoy the things that you enjoy or do the things that you do. That is a recipe for a sad life. Focus on the relationship and how well the two of you fit together.

Talking about Important Things

There are often issues in relationships that require us to talk about our past. However, be careful not to start talking about old girlfriends or your “ex” too soon or too often. There is really just room for two of you in the relationship when you start out. When you add more people you want them to be your children and not someone from their or your past. And remember that this is the person that you want to have fun with. And always remember that nobody wants to listen to a long list of complaints. If you need to complain find a patient and understanding friend and unload your list of grievances. With your new friend focus on the relationship on order that romance will blossom.

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