Flirting Tips

Everyone has met unattractive people who are very successful with the opposite sex. This is not necessarily because they have a lot of money, a good character or some other hidden attributes, but rather because they know how to flirt and make themselves desired. Not only in traditional places to meet people, such as discos and bars, can you flirt but also in parks, restaurants and even the internet can be an opportunity to seduce the person you like!

In the world of seduction, there is no doubt that body language and behavior when flirting are key factors in conveying interest.

One of the most widely used flirting techniques is eye contact. The eyes have a very strong power and if used correctly can melt even the coldest people. Unfortunately, because of how we develop, we get used to avoiding constant eye contact because it can be uncomfortable in social situations. However, using one’s eyes to scan the eyes of the person you want to seduce shows your curiosity about what he/she has to say and we all like being the center of someone else’s attention.

Seductive men in movies have something in common when trying to flirt with a woman: confidence. When you are nervous you act without thinking: the voice can quiver and we contort ourselves because unconsciously we are trying to protect ourselves from danger. When it comes to seducing someone, we should not forget to modulate our tone of voice, which does not mean pretending to have a more appealing voice, but rather speaking slowly and confidently are the best ways of tackling a conversation with someone we have strong feelings for.

Another important point to consider is on flirting body language is that physical contact helps to convey attraction, but be careful as unexpected or unwanted physical contact or caresses can put us in an awkward situation, if you go beyond the mark, everything can become pretty embarrassing. That is why it is best to have patience and let the other person become comfortable with closer physical contact. One way to know whether close physical contact is if the other person responds in a positive way to caresses: note the person’s reactions will lead the way.

Closely related to the previous point is the need to take it easy. Nobody likes someone making furtive, rushed movements. When movements are slow, they are better received. A delicate touch and gentle movements of the body are more appealing: do everything with a light touch.

Finally, watch your words. Compliments should be used only if they are honest. People often flatter others only to end up eventually creating suspicion about their intentions. Maybe some phrases used in the movies can have a positive effect, but in reality most flirting lines will probably sound very corny. Better a heartfelt compliment than a hundred well-worn compliments, however good they sound.

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