Five Steps to a Relationship

Dating should be fun. It may start out being casual but in the end most of us want a relationship. It is the getting there that can be a problem. And getting there should be the most fun, romantic, exciting, and sexy. With these thoughts in mind here are five steps to a relationship.

First Date

Somebody needs to ask for a date. This may seem silly but there are friends who could be more if one of them made the effort. A is perfectly fine to test the waters but it should clearly be a date and not an outing as friends. Human cultures have many courtship rituals, all which can be successful. What they have in common is that both persons are clear about the idea that they are dating with the goal of a relationship in mind. The first of our five steps to a relationship is to go out on a real date.

Is This Romance?

The next of our five steps to a relationship is to see, sooner or later, if romance flowers. You may have a hot first date and know immediately that you want this man or woman in your life forever. And you may simply find the other person interesting and fun to be with. However, most happy relationships have a degree of romance in them and hopefully more than just a little. If you relationship is going to work in the long run as a relationship and not just a friendship a little romance needs to happen.

Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to know him , or her, is important for the long run. Depending on the kind of man or woman that you are dating this can be difficult. We all assume various roles in life. We start by being kids, students, wise guys (or girls), or just good kids. As we grow into adulthood many of our traits are already well established. For the man or woman interested in a another person it can be a problem. Here time is on your side providing that you have covered the first two of our five steps to a relationship. You are clear about the nature of your dating and you both enjoy the romance. This gives the two of you the incentive to sit down and talk about issues, yourselves, and the world in general. With times getting to know each other lets both of you know if you want the relationship to continue. If so move on to step number four.

Living with Someone is Different from Living Alone

Whether you live together or simply spend every spare moment together there will be times when each of you gets on the other’s nerves. Maybe one of you wants to get married and the other is not sure. Maybe one of you wants to live with family and the other does not. Here is where to remember, do not force your relationship . Once you are happy together you will be able to work most things out. Take your time and talk to each other.

A Happy Relationship

The last of our five steps to a relationship is to arrive at a happy relationship . This comes from finding someone whose company you enjoy and who enjoys your company. The two of you are sexually compatible and enjoy life together. You work on your problems and always remember that the most important thing is being together.

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