First Date Essentials

Whether you are just looking to meet someone new or seeking a hot first date with someone, there are a few first date essentials to keep in mind. Think of what you want to accomplish on your first date and plan accordingly. Remember that you would like to be able to have a conversation with the other person. So, think of things to talk about and questions to ask so that you do not need to carry the entire conversation. Remember to go somewhere that is not too noisy so the two of you can, in fact, talk a little. If you are realistically hoping for sex on the first date, make plans for being alone with your special someone and for moving the conversation from general subjects to something more suggestive and specific, like whose apartment to go to at the end of the evening. Of course, if you are thinking about a very physical first date make sure that you bring condoms, whether you are the man or the woman. First date essentials range from specifics to general and first date essentials have to do with just why you are dating in the first place.

Keep It Interesting and Keep It Light

Despite everyone’s fantasies about steamy sex at the onset of a date, it rarely happens. In fact, most folks are put off balance by approaching the subject of sex to early and too strongly. So, plan on interesting things to do and talk about. If going out to eat leaves you tongue tied with nothing to say, go to a ball game, visit a museum, watch a parade, or do anything that keeps the two of you occupied and gives you things to talk about. Just as a sexually explicit approach can turn off your companion so can an approach too clearly aimed at deciding whether he or she “makes the grade” as an acceptable companion, mate for life, and/or lover. Dating is supposed to be fun and if you and your new friend have fun on your first date, you will both want to go out together again. All first date essentials should deal with this fact.

If Explicit Sexual Attraction Is Important

It should go without saying that you want to show off your best features if you want to progress to sex on the first date. Clothing that fits well is important. So is clothing that accents your figure. If a man works out and has broad shoulders he should wear a shirt that helps define the results of all of those hours working out. A woman with large breasts may want to wear a dress with a deep cleavage. A woman with a smaller figure may choose a blouse that gaps open for a glimpse of her uncovered breast, at the critical moment.

If you intent is to take off your clothes as well as his or hers at the end of the evening, wear something that will make the job easy. Women may choose a one piece dress with an easily detached belt. Men should give thought to loafers instead of laced shoes and forget about a tie.

Remember that first date essentials for a successful seduction require a measured pace, not too fast and not too slow. Remember to bring condoms and use common sense when picking a spot to make out and hopefully progress to the sexual act. His place or hers both work. So do hotel rooms. Don’t have your evening ruined by making out in a parked car only to be disturbed at the critical moment by a policeman who wants you to get out of the car and show him your driver’s license and registration.

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