First Date Chemistry

While the nerves of your first date can somewhat hinder the flow of your real and extraordinary personality, there are distinct signs of first date chemistry to signify when the date is going great. There will be a natural rhythm to the conversation and dialogue, with each person taking turns by adding their own experiences.

Sparks will be evident and before you even realize, you are both on a natural high. Flirting and laughter will come effortlessly. Leisurely, instinctive witticism, giggles, grins and comical relief all contribute to the delight and ease of first date interpersonal chemistry. A sure sign of a couple who just “click” on a first date is when there is more touching at the end of the night than at the start.

Ask yourself this question, ‘what factors would make you more at ease’? What could your date do for you that might make things go smoother and help get passed the awkwardness? When you figure out the answer, turn things around and do exactly that for your date.

Offer your date a tender smile. Always establish eye contact to gain their trust. Looking directly into someone’s eyes portrays you as open, genuine, and paying attention. Make him or her feel welcome in your company by allowing them into your personal space. Congratulate your date on their appearance and achievements. Absorb them in conversation and show interest in their reactions. Be thoughtful, courteous, observant to their needs, elegant, and gallant (for the guys). Be laid-back with them and they will follow suit.

These days with the internet playing such a pivotal role in our social agenda, a first date isn’t always a first date. For example, it’s common to meet men and women via free dating sites so a certain amount of first date chemistry and anticipation has already been established online. Even though utilizing online dating sites is an attractive dating option for the less confident or time poor guy and girl, nothing compares to the reality of a face-to-face date, and gazing directly into someone’s eyes ultimately deciding whether there is first date chemistry and a match to be made.

Where should you  go?

Your first date needs to be short and sweet. No point dragging things out over a two-hour dinner in case the conversation and chemistry just isn’t there. Instead, keep things upbeat and casual over a coffee, a drink at a wine bar. Do you both have dogs? Arrange your first date at a local park and walk your dogs together. Either way, just keep it simple, the entire aim of the first date is to establish whether there will be a second date.

Deciding when to first kiss somebody is the most defining part in any love story. From that day forward, the relationship changes for those two people, both are willing to surrender part of themselves allowing nature to step in and guide the way.

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