Finding the right photo for your online dating profile

In the real world, first impressions count. And in the cyberworld of online dating, it’s your online profile that will make that vital first impression.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so your photo is of utmost importance. In a bid to stay anonymous, some singles don’t post their real photos. Others are shy or feel they’re not photogenic. But not revealing how you look sends out a subliminal message to other singles – it may suggest that you have something to hide or have a lack of confidence.

Profiles with photos on dating websites do better than those without – it’s a scientific fact. You don’t want a glamour photo – you want one where you look as natural as possible. So look your best without going overboard in the glamour strakes, and avoid pictures where it looks like an obvious pose.

A trustworthy friend can help you choose the right picture if you’re unsure. And don’t be afraid to put several photos of yourself online if you can. Research by Yahoo! has revealed that dating profiles with photos get fives times more replies than ones without, and those with more than one photo can get up to seven times as many responses. And what’s more, five photos increase the response rate by a whopping nine times! The research also showed that women are especially responsive to profiles with photos.

Research at is even more exciting, although it differs somewhat from Yahoo!’s conclusions. says that “men are 14 times more likely to look at a female profile with a photo, and women are 8.5 times more likely.”

Whatever the case, there no understating the value of a photo in your profile. For singles with kids and pets, putting the child or fur-kid in the picture speaks volumes of who you are and what’s important to you. If you’re the outdoors type, a photo showing you in the wilderness will help attract people who are like-minded.

Close-ups work best in your post for online dating sites – and please, resist the temptation to put it through Photoshop…or to use a photo of yourself than more than, say, 12 months old.

Prospective dates will be responding to what he or she sees in the profile, so it makes sense on every level to present yourself as you are today. If you’re a bald man, don’t wear a hat in your photo. Show yourself in all your bald glory – women appreciate honesty above all else, and most women won’t care if your bald (and if they do, they’re too superficial for you anyway).

Choose a photo or photos of yourself smiling – it will create a better impression and chances are we’ll be less “posed” and natural when were smiling. Choosing a photo can be a headache for a lot of online singles when first venturing into the world of internet dating . Take your time with it and, most of all, feel confident about your choice. Use your gut instinct.

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How come before you date someone, you talk non-stop but once you start dating you talk less?

Like my boyfriend and i talked almost 24/7 before we started dating. But now that we are, and have been for almost 3 months, the communication kind of faded a little.

Think about it u guys always talked before you were dating thats how all relationships are. You start talking less because you guys are together and u dont have to fight to get eachothers luv anymore. You know? But it is good to still talk becuz thats always important in a relationship. U say u guys kind of dont talk alot anymore? Try to make conversation when you guys are togther.
For example!

“Hey sweety! How are you today?”

“How did you sleep?”

“So what did you do yesterday?”
“Do you have any funny jokes? I feel like laughing.”

Im sure if you try to start a conversation he will know that you still want to talk as much as you did before. I hope this works

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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