Finding Someone Who Hates the Same Things You Do

Do you swipe a face on a dating app, go out on a date and then find that there is nothing to talk about because you really have nothing in common? There is a dating app that may fix this situation because it goes a different direction in matching people. The dating app Hater helps by finding someone who hates the same things you do! The Verge says Hater lets you find true love through shared dislikes.

Hater adds a splash of cynicism to dating. Instead of focusing only on what you like, it also wants to know what you despise. Once you set up a profile, you’re given subjects to either “like,” “love,” “dislike,” or “hate.” With a swipe up, right, left, or down, you make a choice, and a new topic appears. Topics range from the mundane (dancing, avocados, dad jokes) to popular culture (Game of Thrones, The Bachelor) to the intimate (playing music during sex, condoms, cuddling).

This is a novel way to approach online dating but does it work? Do you really want to know that much about a person before meeting them? After all you are just going to the coffee shop on the corner and not flying to Cancun for the weekend. Since you are probably looking for a simple and cheap first date what does Hater offer?

First dates often turn out badly because the couple tries too hard to make it perfect and in doing so makes the first date too complicated. On a first date you will want to have a good time and get to know the person you are going out with. An evening at an expensive restaurant may just end up making both of you feel uncomfortable, trying to look good and act perfect. A cheap first date removes overly high expectations, lets both parties relax, and usually leads to long conversations and a second date.

Taking the Hater approach and finding out the dislikes of a potential mate may be a good way to break the ice and start a conversation. However, communication face to face is more likely to lead to a happy relationship and a good first impression face to face is more likely to lead to a second date or even a hot first date. Our impression is that if you have to work too hard to keep from offending someone on a first date the bar is already set too high for the two of you to get to know each other, have a little fun and get to like one another. That having been said is Hater having some success?

Personality is Hater’s selling point. Since the app’s launch earlier this month, Alper says it’s already attracted more than 200,000 users. For now, he estimates that there are more than 2,500 topics on Hater right now, but more are added daily. Specific topics carry more algorithmic weight when it comes to making matches. Alper says that a “love” swipe for Trump, for example, is not equal to a “love” for avocados.

Our question is if loving or hating avocadoes versus loving or hating Trump is a deal breaker in a new relationship.

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