Finding Love the Second Time Around

There is a terrible sadness that often envelops a person when their lifetime companion, friend, lover, and spouse passes away or leaves due to divorce. All too often, the pain of loss is so great that a person is hesitant to seek a new friend, companion, lover, and spouse. Finding love the second time around may seem to be an impossibility. Many believe that they are betraying the memory of their loved one if and when they become attracted to another man or woman. However, few of us were made to live alone and finding love the second time around is not only a possibility but a necessity for happiness for many of us. The internet offers useful possibilities in finding love the second time around. And, although a romance later in life may move quickly one does not have to jump into a new relationship any faster than is comfortable.

After the Loss of a Spouse

When a person has been married for many years, their spouse is an essential and constant part of their life. There are times when married couples cannot tell where one lets off and the other starts. When that special person is gone their absence leaves a gaping psychological as well as physical hole in the life of the survivor. If a person dies of a lingering illness it may heighten the difficulty but may also allow the survivor to adapt. When there is a sudden loss of a loved one it can take months and years to adjust. When the time comes to get on with life it is more common than not that the surviving spouse merely needs to socialize again. Finding love the second time around often comes from meeting someone is this process of coming back out into the world. When a spouse dies young it puts a burden on the survivor to find help raising the children. This can put pressure on the survivor to move out of his or her protective cocoon earlier than otherwise. Using internet dating sites lets one post a resume, look for someone, and keep a protective barrier in place until ready.

After a Divorce

The pain of a divorce can be as bad as the pain of the death of a loved one. The other person is not dead but the relationship is. It is important in such situations for the person who was left behind to remember that they are a worthwhile and valuable person. It is bad enough for someone to leave you but it is worse to let the wounds inflicted by the experience linger. A good choice is to get online, post a resume, find someone, socialize, and starting finding love the second time around. If part of the problem of the relationship was yours, deal with it and learn. Otherwise, get on with your life and start the process of finding love the second time around.

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