Find Your Partner for Life

When we go out on a date we want to have a good time. We may well be interested in a hot first date, a sexual adventure. But, in the end the point of dating someone is to find your partner for life. Who is this person? Is he or she funny, intelligent, a hard working, sexy or a good listener? When you set out to find your partner for life do you want someone who practices your own religion and belongs to your own ethnic group? Do you have a specific person in mind or are you willing to take a chance and find your partner for life by looking for someone online?

What Qualities Are You Looking for in a Man?

Many women would like a protector as part of the package when they look for their partner for life. This is probably why many women are attracted to muscular men. Remember what you are looking for when you want to find your partner for life. A geek computer programmer who makes good money and makes good life decisions may well be a better protector for you and your children than the handsome young man with the chiseled physique who works out incessantly at the gym. For guys who work out in order to look attractive for that special lady, remember that although a woman looking for a protector works in your favor. But you need to follow through with the script. You need to act like a gentleman, take care of her, be around her, and make sure that she feels protected in order for this scenario to work. If you spend your entire life in the gym she is going to look somewhere else. And, you need to get out of the gym, get a good paying job, learn how to help raise children and follow through on the script.

What Qualities Are You Looking for in a Woman?

It can be hard for a young man to get thoughts of a pretty and flirtatious young woman out of his mind. Sex on the first date may be a recurring fantasy. If this is how you find your partner for life, more power to you. Just remember that there is more to a relationship than sex. Also remember that a healthy sexual relationship helps keep a relationship solid when times are difficult. Think about the future and whom you see with you in that future. Then add hard working, industrious, caring, loving, thoughtful and smart to the list for when you go out to find your partner for life.

Testing the Waters

The best way to find your partner for life is probably to start by just going out to have a good time. Meet interesting people and meet a lot of people. Make friends. Learn whom you want for a friend, whom you want for a lover and whom you want to avoid at all costs. There is rarely a need to get married to the first person that you go out with. Rather you may find that your most happy relationship, the most satisfying sex and the most successful life will happen when you let a relationship grow a bit before moving on to commitment, marriage and children.

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