Find Someone Who Is Fun To Be With

How do you find someone who is fun to be with when you are looking for a date on the internet? If you are looking for companionship or just a good time then you will want someone who ads a little spice to your life. Good looks are nice but a bright and engaging smile, a happy person, and someone who always sees the bright side of things can add joy to your own life. That is why we typically try to find someone who is fun to be with.

So, now you met that special someone on the internet. He or she is interested in getting to know you. How do you find out if he or she is a fun person? Telling a joke is a good idea. Someone with no sense of humor could be a real drag to be with. Strike up a conversation and see where he or she takes it. People who are sad, depressed, or maybe just too serious will probably talk about sad, depressing, or overly serious things. Ask a question like, “What fun things have you done lately?” If he or she cannot come up with an answer consider running, not walking, for the exit.

Misrepresentation can be a problem when you are trying to find someone who is fun to be with through online dating. Reliable figures indicate that up to a third of people engaged in online relationships are already married or in a relationship in the flesh and blood world. Here you may find someone who is fun to be with but is not really who they say they are. Be careful.

To find someone who is fun to be with may require more than just chatting online. Talking on the telephone or using Skype will allow you to hear the other person’s voice and see their face. Body language tells us a lot. Besides you may just want to see the person’s engaging smile and bright eyes. Then the next best step will be to plan a real live date. Remember that where you go for a first date and what you do is part of the equation of having fun. Coffee shops and restaurants are common first date locations. They are neutral territory and give each person the chance to back out if things do not go as expected. However, there are often more fun things to do. Find out from your prospective friend, confidant, and lover just what it is that he or she likes to do in their spare time. If listening to jazz at a trendy location, visiting a new exhibit at an art museum, or seats at a hockey game come up you may be on to something. People who go places and do things are usually interesting. Team up and decide on something fun to do. If you find someone who is fun to be with he or she could be a joy to you your entire life.

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