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Is it really possible to find romance online? If this is the case, once your find romance online, how soon if ever do you find romance in real life? An online relationship is an interpersonal relationship, possibly intimate. The requirement is that people have met online. Sometimes this leads to face to face contact and even a hot first date. And sometimes the individuals remain friends, like pen pals, without ever meeting face to face. Like pen pal relationships, online relationships can be platonic, business related, related to personal interests like hobbies, or romantic and even intimate. To be a relationship online the interested parties need to maintain meaningful contact for a reasonable period of time. During this time it is possible to find romance online and it is possible to find out that you really are not interested in the person.

Does An Online Relationship Need To Change In Order To Find Romance Online?

In general we all want to meet someone in the flesh. Perhaps the more flesh the better. When we find romance online we may fantasize of sex on the first date. Or we may simply get to know the other person and enjoy an internet based relationship without physical contact. If the latter is the case do we really find romance online or are we avoiding the commitment that is required for a strong and happy relationship?

Using The Internet As A Tool To Find Romance

Let us assume that the point of going on line is to find someone to share your bed at night and your life during the day. Online dating sites are a great way to expand your reach. This is especially true if you are a busy person or work in a job that takes a lot of your time and does not give you access to many potential persons with whom to go out. Internet dating is also a great way to screen out people whom you really are not interested in. To a degree finding romance online will be easier if you have a long list of possible persons to meet and that list includes all people with whom you may very well find romance online and in the real world. Learn how to post a resume and an attractive photo of yourself. Learn how to screen out people who don’t fit your criteria. And learn how to send emails, chat, and develop a relationship online. When you find romance online decide if you want to take it to the next level and meet your new friend in person.

Yes, It Is Possible

Yes, it is possible to find that special someone via the internet. And, yes, it is possible to develop a meaningful online relationship. But, unless you are shipwrecked on a desert island with no hope of rescue, you really want to meet this person at the corner coffee shop to chat face to face. If you both like the out of doors you really want to go for a walk in the park with your new friend. And, if you dream of physical intimacy with this person you really need to move out of cyberspace to a point from which you may find this person in your bed.

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