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Go online and find love in cyberspace. That is the promise of online dating. But, just what can you expect from a dating site, online chats, and emails? Online dating sites let us make ourselves available to a lot of people. But, to find love in cyberspace you need to do more than post a biography, answer emails, and chat online. Think of the internet like a big market square in a city. It is a place where everyone shows up on the Saturday evening. People go there to shop, to sell things, to see, and to be seen. Many cultures over the years included more or less formal rituals in these settings in order for boy to meet girl. So called coming out parties in high society were meant to “present” a young woman of an eligible age to eligible bachelors of appropriate age and circumstance. Think of social as well as sporting events in high school, social events at your place of worship, or the pizza parlor where “everyone” hangs out on a weekend evening. Think of the internet as a way to expand upon the dating opportunities found in the above settings. Now, to find love in cyberspace, what’s next?

Entering The Flow

The idea of online dating is to end up with a date. So, give some thought to what you put in your biography. Don’t be overcritical of responses that you receive. And, chat online with a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend or two and go out on a real date. Ideally go out on more than one date and try to include your new friend in your circle of friends. You may find love in cyberspace but you need to move that relationship to the flesh and blood world.

Having A Good Time But Paying Attention

Too many people use online dating as their own personal fantasy world. It’s great to have a number of people with whom you chat online. But, beware of people who seem too good to be true. If you are uncomfortable with someone simply stop the online relationship or, if you choose to meet them in person, double date or meet them in a public place where you feel secure.

It Takes More Than Waiting To Be Noticed To Find Love On The Internet

Make sure than when you post your biography that you include the interesting parts of your life. You don’t need to make things up but you can make whatever you do sound more interesting than it might really be. Don’t be like the wall flower at the dance, sitting in the corner and hoping to be noticed. Get out there, blog a little, send messages, and go out on dates just to go out. Not every date needs to end up in a hot romance or marriage. Sometimes it is just nice to meet people and, in doing so, you will probably meet more people.

Holding On To What You Have Found

If you find someone you really like give them your attention. Think of special things to say and do. Be available. Flowers are always nice. So are romantic outings. Find time to be together and find time to be together alone and provide a little space for romance to flower. You can find love in cyberspace but you need to hold on to it in the real world with both hands.

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  1. Mary Maroni says:

    I just read an interesting article about a guy that dated a bunch of women and organized everything on a spreadsheet! Just to go google and type in “Finance worker’s spreadsheet of internet dates goes viral” and you should find something, that is the main reason I just date on sites like this one.

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