Falling in Love Again

At the end of the year one’s mind often brushes upon things past. We commonly go home for holiday celebrations, meet with friends to celebrate the New Year, and think about old friendships and romances of the past. At times the end of the year is a time for falling in love again. Old grievances fade away and the fresh breath of hope renews our feelings about that special someone whom we lost along the way. Sometimes falling in love again is a mistake, if there was good reason to break up and circumstances have changed. And, sometimes, we miss out on the best chances for happiness in our lives when we or that special someone walks out the door. Here are a few thoughts about falling in love again.

Time Enough Alone And Time To Meet Someone New

You broke up with someone months ago or perhaps years ago and have been trying to put your life back in order. You have been somewhat successful and no longer brood over the good and the bad of your most recent romance or failed marriage. It is the holiday season and you are out with friends to have a good time or maybe you are visiting another city and sitting in a restaurant. And there he (or she) is, standing across the room or perhaps waiting at your table. You decide that you have had enough time to heal and that it is time to get back in the game. You say hello. He (or she) smiles and you start a casual conversation. You are, perhaps, falling in love again and that is a good thing.

With Someone And Not Happy

You have been with someone for quite some time and the relationship is not working out. You have different interests and the spark of romance is gone. He (or she) spends more and more time away from you. And here it is at the holiday season and you are out (alone) with friends. And there is another person, interesting, fun, romantic. You find that you are falling in love again and it is a bit confusing. If your other relationship is sufficiently casual you can simply go on falling in love again with this new person and simply tell the other that it is time to move on. If the two of you live together, or are married, it is a different matter. You need to deal with your failing or failed relationship first and not set off on a new romantic adventure while his or her underwear is still in your dresser drawer. If the two of you have children, leave the temptation of falling in love again and go deal with your difficult marriage. If things are so bad that you need to get a divorce, do so, and don’t start falling in love again until your primary relationship is taken care of.

Meeting Him (or Her) Again

You and he (or she) were in love long ago and circumstances took you apart. You have both lived your lives and are now single. It may be a class reunion, a chance encounter, or you may have sought out that special someone from your youth. Your eyes meet and the two of you are falling in love again. Let it happen. We all deserve all the happiness that we can get in life and when true love comes around again grab it with both hands and hold on.

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