Don’t Look Cheap on a First Date

First impressions are important in dating. While it may be that you can only afford a cheap first date be careful not to look cheap on a first date. This thought came to mind when we read a dating quiz in Metro that asked about dating mistakes and noticed this entry.

Used a discount voucher to pay for dinner

Obviously any of us who were not born of wealthy parents like discount coupons. But, don’t look cheap on a first date. If you cannot afford to go to a fancy restaurant on a first date, don’t go. Read our cheap first date article for suggestions that will make it seem like you are innovative and fun and not trying to save money.

A cheap first date does not need to be a bad first date. It just needs not to cost a lot of money. You met your friend online and have been chatting in cyberspace. Now it is time to meet face to face but you are a little short of cash. You need to think up a cheap first date that will not make her, or him, think that you are not interested. So, where can you go and what can you do on a cheap first date? First of all there are interesting places to go that are open free on certain days of the week. These places include museums, art galleries, and other attractions. Open air parks are free and are great places to roam around in while getting to know your new friend on a cheap first date.

How do you explain a cheap first date versus flowers, limousine, and a fancy restaurant? You don’t! A first date has to do with getting to know each other, not impressing each other. If you start out a relationship with the belief that you need to always impress your partner and always go to the best restaurants, drive the best cars, pay for the best seats at the concert, buy the best home, and more it is typically a recipe for failure in a relationship.

Our suggestion is to avoid fancy restaurants on a first date anyway as they set the bar too high and create situations that are hard to back out of when things do not go well. Save the fancy restaurant for when you have been going together for six months and he or she knows your economic circumstances. Then you will come off as the hero who figured out how to have a fancy meal on a budget instead of someone who is just plain cheap.

First Dates versus Evolving Relationships

While you don’t want to look cheap on a first date you also don’t want to always be cheap as your relationship evolves. If your budget really is tight, talk to your partner about things to do, what to buy and join together in creating a budget that allows for a bit of fun along the way. Communication builds relationships and eventually everyone needs to talk about money. Just don’t make it the issue when what you really want is to get to know this new person and let them get to know you

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