Don’t Forget To Say I Miss You

Don’t forget to say I miss you may sound a little strange coming from an online dating site. After all online dating has to do with finding and meeting new people. But, the point of that is to find that special someone that you like to spend time with. The point is to find that special someone who makes life feel better when they are with you and leaves a hole in your heart when they are not around. Remember that missing someone goes both ways so when your new found friend, companion, or lover has to go away for a while don’t forget to say I miss you.

The nice thing about the electronic age is that we can be physically separated but still make phone calls, send text messages, send emails, and have video chats. But, none of that is the same as holding hands, kissing, or a head on the other’s shoulder. No matter how nice it is to see your sweetheart in the video chat window he or she is not there by your side in the morning when you wake up. So, don’t forget to say I miss you when you sign off from a chat, before you hang up the phone, or lots of times each day by text message.

Saying I miss you not only sends the message that you love your friend, companion, or lover but it also reminds them of you and reassures them that you are thinking of them even when you are away. And while we are on the subject of what to say when you and that someone special are physically separated? Depending upon the degree of privacy both of you enjoy at the moment it is possible to share little intimacies that give each other a warm feeling even when separated. However, don’t forget that in our electronic age people can listen in to your cell phone conversations and that many public WI-FI access points are not secure. The heir to the throne of England found this out the hard way some years ago when the press published intimate remarks that he made by phone to his second wife, before they were married. If you are not completely sure that your channel of communication is secure don’t be too revealing in your conversation, or in any other way, but don’t forget to say I miss you.

There are times when we find that special someone in our life and their work or ours, other responsibilities, or military service require that we spend prolonged periods away from each other. This can be a hardship on even the strongest relationship. If our time apart is long and if other circumstances are difficult, this puts a strain on the relationship. Friends, partners, and spouses all can start to wonder if their missing half still loves them, will be the same when they come back, or even if the person is involved with someone else when they are gone. Working hard to stay in touch is important. Saying the things that need to be said helps keep love alive in relationships challenged by distance. When someone you care about, whether it is someone you just met but like a lot or someone about whom you are considering spending your life with, don’t forget to say I miss you whenever you have a chance.

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