Doing the party circuit with the guy your dating

Hanging out with the guy you have been dating is pretty easy, nothing beats special time alone with your lover. Sooner or later though you will need to leave your love nest and show the rest of the world what a great couple you both make. Introducing your new love interest into your circle of family and friends can be very daunting for your both. Learn how to bring him into your social circle.

Avoid ditching him. When you both arrive at a party, try not to forget that he doesn’t know anyone. It’s pretty easy to get side tracked greeting your friends, leaving him stranded. Remember, you’re not there as one of the singles anymore, there are two of you to think of. This is the worst situation you can leave him in, you need to ensure he is included in your conversations, and purposely introduce him to other people to chat to. It’s also a golden opportunity for him to meet new friends.

Let him be him. After the 3rd or 4th time you have both been out together socializing with your friends, you may start to see another side of his personality come through as compared to knowing him only as a lover. He might be less social than you, and you may question why he isn’t into the whole social butterfly thing as much as you. When you’re first dating someone, this doesn’t seem so important but these types of issues can cause problems down the track if you try to change someone into something there not.

He would prefer not to go. Unless he has become totally isolated from your friends, if on the odd occasion he doesn’t want to go, be happy with what makes him happy and think of it as a night out where there is only one of you to think of instead of two.

Leave your problems at the door. Try not to carry on with any arguments once you arrive at the party. Agree not to make a scene, it’s very easy to spot a couple who are having a miserable evening, perhaps even consider staying at home rather than turn up all frustrated and upset. Besides, arguments between couples at parties are a great way to spoil the atmosphere.

Did you meet him online? Many people are shy when it comes to admitting to meeting their partner on an online dating singles site. If so, are you willing to lie about how you met? Online dating is often perceived as a last resort for singles to meet someone so it’s common for online dating couples not to be entirely truthful about how they met.

Keep the conversation cheerful, don’t make harmful comments towards others. Negativity is not a nice way to spend a night out with your guy and friends. Alcohol has a tendency for us to broach subjects we wouldn’t go near in normal circumstances, so if you or your partner have had too much to drink, keep an eye on them, just in case you need to come to the rescue.

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Whats the difference between dating and being together?

I am in high school so a teen answer would be helpful. I don’t know if i am together with my girlfriend or dating. A friend told me together is before dating but i think the opposite. Help me I am confused.

I’m not a teen, but I still find this confusing. The best way to find out is to talk to your girlfriend and figure out together what stage you’re at. Otherwise, you might decide on your own that you’re in one place, only to find out that she’s decided something else on her own.

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