Does Your Room Décor Keep You Awake At Night?

By Catherine Ryan for Life & Beauty Weekly

Your mortgage, the daily news, and comments by your boss can certainly stress you out and make it hard to sleep. But, if you decorate your bedroom right you will be able to relax and your nights will be totally different.

“After a hectic day, you need a place that will help isolate you from all the thoughts and decisions that bother you during the day,” explains Judy Pickett, designer and owner of the Design Lines in Raleigh, N.C. A sanctuary of relaxation is exactly what you need to ease your transition between work and family responsibilities to the country of dreams. Besides, a good night’s sleep will help you feel better and make it easier to do what you need to do during the day. Try these easy tips to redecorate your room and make that space an oasis of peace.

1. Clean Up

Clean and open spaces are more relaxing than spaces that are cluttered. Besides, picking up and organizing your bedroom will result in fewer places for dust to collect and make your space easier to clean, and make it easier for you to breath as well. Keep the things that are really important to you and put the stacks of magazines, kids’ toys, and papers from work somewhere else.

2. Take The Electronics Out Of The Bedroom

Take your TV, computer, and iPad out of the bedroom. Put your phone on silent mode. Anything that speeds up your head makes it hard to relax. Instead of watching a scary movie before trying sleep try something calmer, like reading a book or doing a Yoga routine.

3. Soft Colors

Soft colors are really necessary in a space where you want to sleep. Blues and greens are more relaxing. If you don’t want to paint the bedroom try using soft colors for arm chairs, blankets, or accent pieces. Any artwork should also be in pastels with subjects that don’t distract.

4. Lower The Light

Bright lights wake up your brain. Try dimmer switches or 40 watt bulbs. Some like a floor lamp with two or three lights in order to direct light around the room and imitate sunlight. If you live in a Northern Climate and need bright light to fight season affective disorder turn on the bright lights in the morning when you get up, not at night when you want a restful sleep.

5. Consider Your Nose As Well

“Pleasant aromas are relaxing and smells can bring back happy memories. Try scented candles, ideally with scents the remind you of happy times. Burn the candle when you come home for work and go to the bedroom to change clothes. Then, when you want to sleep there will be a pleasant and subtle background scent in the room and not the smell of hot wax.”

6. Harmony With Music

Maybe your mother sang lullaby’s to you when you were little. A little soft music can help you sleep now as well. Pick soft music and keep the volume low. If you like peppy music, save those songs for the morning when you need to get going.

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