Does Love at First Sight Last?

You meet someone and fall head over heels in love but, does love at first sight last? On this web site we usually try to take an objective approach to dating, internet dating, and the development of relationships. But, sometimes the truth is more in what we feel than in a logical and reasoned view of life. So, I am taking off my writer and internet dating advice giver hat for a moment.

In my case I am happily married because it rains in Panama. A few years ago I flew from the USA to Panama to visit an old friend. After a few days in the warmth and sunshine of Panama City I decided that I would return to live here, eventually. My friend suggested that I check out the city, walk around a bit, learn to use the bus system, and learn how to flag down a taxi during rush hour. It was during one of my forays about the city that I sought shelter from a torrential downpour under the roof of a restaurant. A pretty waitress came to my table. “Que quiere, mi amor,” she greeted me. (I knew enough Spanish to know that what she meant was, what would I like, without much emphasis on the “mi amor.” But I was already lost. At this point you might be wondering how all of this ties into the question, does love at first sight last? Well, I was smitten the moment I saw her. I ordered a Cubano Sandwich and a beer. Even when the rain stopped I did not want to leave and had one cup of coffee after another. My dear wife tells me now that she thought it a little strange that I didn’t leave and drank so much coffee.

I finally got up the courage to ask her out for a date, after returning to the restaurant and accepting an invitation to meet family. I left to return to the states a couple of days later and called her every day as I put things in storage and made other arrangements. Two and a half months later she met me at Tocumen Airport in Panama. Does love at first sight last? We have had had our disagreements and our fights. We broke up shortly and got back together. We got married and just celebrated our 4 th anniversary. I am still smitten with her and my answer to the question does love at first sight last is a definite and resounding yes. And, along the way I have learned that Latinas can have hot tempers but that mine does not hold grudges. I have learned to say what I think and not assume that she can read my expression or my mind.

Now I am going put my writer and internet dating advice hat back on. In my and my wife’s case love at first sight lasted because we have kept in mind that we like being together. In fact we love being together and we love each other. We say what we think and generally manage not to hold grudges. When life falls into a rut we find something different to do, not fancy, not expensive, just different. We share our thoughts and dreams and we work together to make those dreams become reality. So does love at first sight last? It does if you remember that what matters most in life is the two of you.

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