Does He Want Your Body or Your Money?

All too often in the news we hear about a dating scam. A person is looking for hot first date and then a happy relationship. And in the end they are the victim of identity theft. There are times when you need to ask yourself, does he want your body or your money? Three years ago we wrote about how to date online and avoid dating scams.

First there is the issue of physical danger with some dating apps.

And there are aspects of dating apps that should be avoided altogether. For example, do not give your exact current physical location to a perfect stranger! Dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr use GPS technology to let someone else with the service to know if you are in their area, providing that you are using the same service. If you do not want to be bait for a stalker, avoid these products.

Does He Want Your Body or Your Money: Agreeable Relationships

And then there is the issue of the con man who is not really interested in your body but rather your money.

And while we are on the subject, how much personal information do you want to give to a perfect stranger? This applies to the resume you post on a traditional online dating website, what you put in a dating app and the information you exchange when chatting online or face to face. Just why does this person whom you have just met need to know your social security number or the name of your bank? What you get that sort of request it is time to head for the exit.

Maybe you are looking for an attractive guy, a younger man. And he agrees to the relationship but expects you to take care of him. If you like the sex and having someone share your bed this could be an agreeable relationship. But, keep him on a short leash so far as money is concerned. And all of this assumes that the relationship has moved on to what you were looking for.

Does He Want Your Body or Your Money: Online Scams

You are looking for someone in your life. You meet that person online and you are really excited. Unfortunately, this young man lives in a foreign country and needs you to send him money so that he can get papers and come to your country and into your arms.

Then there are problems with the papers and he needs more money. Or, he cannot leave until there is enough money to take care of his poor mother so please send more.

Or, maybe this is a variation of the Nigerian General with money scam. Here your new friend wants you bank account number, social security, address, phone number and more because he is going to send millions of dollars to you. And then he will fly to your arms and all will be well.

Does He Want Your Body or Your Money: Avoiding Scams and Getting What You Want

If you really want a guy in your life and your bed the first thing to do is not to pay money. The first thing is also not to share nude photos. The first thing is to go out, meet people, post your resume and start chatting. We wrote about how you should kiss twenty boys to learn about dating. This also works in online dating to find someone who wants your company, your body and is not interested in your money.

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