Do You Need a Hug?

What are you really looking for when seeking a hot first date? Is it sexual gratification or simply human touch? In other words, do you need a hug? Why do we need to hug and be hugged asks an article in Quora?

Aside from when we’re having sex, we’re not often so physically close to another person.

But a hug usually lacks the complicated and sometimes nefarious motives of sex. I have never felt that someone is trying to exert power over me by giving me a hug. For that reason, a hug usually has a quality of innocence about it. Most infants are held by their parents a lot, so from an early age most of us learn to associate hugs with comfort and having our needs met.

And a hug tends to be spontaneous. Have you ever planned a hug? Perhaps for that reason, it feels like a natural flow of emotion. A hug is the offer, and acceptance, of comfort. It’s hard to hug someone who refuses to hug you back.

We all need to be hugged and when that does not happen we sometimes look for that form of comfort in other ways. Why do we need hugs?

You Need to Be Touched

Hugging is human touch. Life Hack gives six reasons why you need to be touched. The author says that:

Nothing makes me happier than having a person I love hold my hand, play with my hair, or lay a head on my shoulder. I require a lot of personal touch to function happily in a relationship, and I’m okay with admitting that. The health benefits of touching are far and wide, so I’d like to convince you to increase the cuddle time with the loved ones in your life. I invite you to consider the top six reasons you need to be touched.

The reasons to be touched are these:

  • Happier, more fulfilling relationships
  • Feel sexy and improve intimacy
  • Strengthen your bond with the people you love
  • Boost your health and immunity from sickness
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Your body craves touch like it craves water

Read the article. Touch is good and we all could use a hug.

Do You Need a Hug?

Communication is important in relationships. But sometimes it is hard to know what to say, especially when you or the one you love feels hurt. At that point it can be more effective show how you feel with touch, holding a hand or giving a hug than by trying to work through hurt feelings and misunderstood comments. Nonverbal World asks why do we hug.

Hugging goes beyond formality to boost intimacy and sympathy. It’s performed to express warmth, protectiveness, brotherhood, support, and affection towards each other. In all kinds of close relationships, we hug each other. Hug is offered or received when a person truly wants to be cherished or relieved at deeper level by someone else.

Do you need a hug? You probably do because we all need a hug from time to time.

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