Do You Like Online Dating?

Do you like online dating? The question of liking internet dating partly has to do with whether you are dating to have fun for dating to find a mate. Yes, dating should be enjoyable because why would you want to go out with someone who is boring, difficult or dull? And why would you want to develop a long term relationship with someone whom you don’t have any fun with? But dating for fun requires a little attention to detail and successful dating may require more effort. And dating to find a mate should be less of a chore than you are making it.

The Nuts and Bolts of Successful Dating

There are several reasons why you might not like online dating when all you want is to go out and have some fun or perhaps have a hot first date. It starts with your resume and then whom you choose to contact. If you are misrepresenting yourself with a fake picture, fake accomplishments or fake interests things are not going to work out well when you get down to a face to face date. And if you are overly picky in whom you choose to meet you are also reducing your odds of success.

And then, when you meet face to face, are you making a good first impression?

If you want to see the man or woman of your dreams again, try to make a great first impression. We may believe that when we meet that special person, he or she will instantly see us for the wonderful person that we are. Or we may believe that no matter how hard we try that that special someone is just too good for us, no matter what we do. Both of these beliefs are wrong! You can do and say things that will make a first great impression but it make take a little effort on your part.

The point is that successful dating requires a little thought as well as effort. Dress well and think before you choose where to go on a first date. What you say is important but listening is more so. Learn to be comfortable with yourself and not fidget. And remember that there are some folks whom you will never win over or please so don’t give up too much of yourself in a losing cause. And if you do find someone on a first date who would like sex as much as you would, be ready, have a plan for where to go and bring the condoms.

If you are looking for a long term relationship that does not mean that you cannot have fun. In fact if you have found that you do not like online dating it may be because you are making it more of a chore than it has to be. The first date is not about getting the relationship that you want but about narrowing the field while still having a good time.

Getting the relationship that you want starts when you begin online dating. Do you want a casual relationship, to be just good friends? Or do you want a hot first date to lead to an ongoing intimate relationship but without any serious obligations? Or, are you looking for a happy and satisfying relationship that lasts a lifetime?

Have these thoughts in mind when you meet someone new but don’t let your search for a mate ruin your evening. Have a good time and then you are more likely to find the ideal person and will find that you like online dating more than you thought you did.

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