Do You Have to Kiss on a Second Date?

Many times dating can be confusing. You went out with a guy and had a good time. He asked you out again and this time you are wondering if he expects a kiss or other show of affection in return for his continued attention. So, do you have to kiss on a second date? The answer is another question. Do you want to? In regard to dating, kissing and more there are not any rules but there are some very good guidelines.

What Is Your Situation?

If you are a 37 year old widow who is going out on a second date with a man whom you have known and like a lot a little kiss or two or three might be just the right thing. On the other hand if you are a 15 year old girl going out with an 18 year old boy there is the risk of things getting out of hand. The 37 year old widow will have arranged for a baby sitter, picked a seductive outfit and made sure to bring condoms. The 15 year old girl may want to wait until her new boyfriend delivers her to the front door of her home before permitting a brief kiss and then going inside.

What Is Your Goal?

You may have had a hot first date and are going out with this person expecting more and better. If that is the case you will certainly want to kiss on the second date and more. But if you want to develop a relationship outside of the bedroom you may want to talk a little. If that is the case, pick a spot to meet where kissing, fondling and sex are not going to happen. Then you will have a chance to get to know this person and still have the opportunity for a more physically intimate relationship later in the evening.

Make Up Your Own Rules of Dating

There are no rules that say you cannot kiss on the first date, have to kiss on the second date or must have sex with a boy if he is nice to you. Decide what you want in a boyfriend or girlfriend and aim for that. To the extent that you want someone in more physically intimate way then you should dress accordingly and act accordingly. Just don’t forget to bring condoms. Otherwise remember that dating rules are simply guidelines to help you find and get the person of your dreams. Take a look at our article, Five Useful Dating Rules, with dating success in mind.

Lots of us like to flirt to get someone’s attention. We may use a tried and true pickup line and then play hard to get to see what happens. But, sometimes that approach does not work out. In order to avoid dating mistakes and personal disasters we suggest five useful dating rules in no particular order of importance.

The rules are:

Don’t Play Too Hard to Get
Not Everyone Gives Good Dating Advice
Spontaneity Is Good Within Limits
You Both Need Room To Breathe
Take Care Of Yourself First And Foremost

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