Do First Impressions Count in Online Dating?

You always want to make a great first impression when meeting someone for the first time online or in person. You may not be interested in sex on the first date, but you may not want to close the door to early intimacy either. And, you should trust your instincts when something about the person you are meeting raises red flags. If the person you meet seems overly controlling, it may be a tip off that this could be an abusive relationship that you really want to avoid falling into. So, do first impressions count in online dating? They certainly do.

Creating a Good First Impression

You may love your comfortable old pair of jeans that you wear on weekends. But, wearing them for even a casual coffee shop date may give the impression that you don’t take your new friend seriously enough to dress up a bit. You don’t need to wear a tuxedo or fancy evening dress, but you do want to wear something clean and presentable and make sure that you have bathed, combed your hair and look presentable. If you have intimacy in mind, wear something that you can convert from formal to sexy by taking off a jacket or sweater.

More than what you wear, who you act is important for a good first impression. When you smile, talk about enjoyable and interesting things, and let your new friend talk, this is more likely to lead to a second date.

Pay Attention to Your First Impressions when Dating Online or in Person

What is your first impression when you meet someone? Do they strike you as being attractive, interesting, smart, funny, thoughtful, and kind? Is your first impression that that they are not really interested in you but just passing the time? Do they seem to want to control every part of the discussion? Do they spend the whole first date taking about their “ex”? Do they impress you as being someone who is in control of their life or someone who is looking for a mother for father surrogate? Trust your instincts, because more often than not, your first impression is very close to the truth.

So, what do your look for on a first date? The first thing to look for on a first date is to have a good time! If you enjoy yourself, that is a good indication that the two of you are a good fit. Beware when your new friend spends any time talking about past relationships, asking questions that you consider too personal for the early state of your relationship, or wanting to take charge when this is someone whom you barely know. When the date starts to feel like a job interview, it is time to change the subject or leave.

In short, trust your first impressions of the other person and always plan to make a good impression yourself. This new person may be the person of your dreams or an absolute nightmare. You will get a hint of which it is when you first meet. Don’t ignore the clues!

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